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How to start making money with webhosting affiliate programs like a boss

How to Start Making Money with Webhosting Affiliate Programs like A Boss

Webhosting affiliate programs are one of the best lucrative ways to make money online in other words it is one of the best online making money platforms that can turn you into a rich dude. Have you ever thought of how top bloggers like Neil Patel and harsh agrawal make money without displaying ads on their blog, I know you might have thought of that.  All these top bloggers, 80% of their income comes from webhosting, because webhosting affiliate programs pay higher on commission.

There are many online marketers out there who are making thousands of dollars from commissions by promoting different Webhosting Companies.

Many webhosting services right now offer affiliate programs where by when you refer someone to their site and they purchase any plan, you earn a commission. You can earn hundreds to thousands of dollars if only you are in the niche of blogging or webhosting niche, technology, how to start a blog, coding.

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In this guide I will be sharing with you wonderful reasons why you should join these webhosting affiliate programs and how to make lot of money from it and I will list top webhosting affiliate programs you can join that will pay high in commission

Why you should join webhosting affiliate programs

Webhosting affiliate pays crazy commissions whenever you bring sales to them through your affiliate link. For example bluehost offers 65$ per sale and if you continue to bring more sales to them they will top your commission to 120$ per sale. If you can bring 2 sale to them in a day (100$), can’t you see affiliate is far better than Adsense which most of us depend on.

Best Niches for hosting affiliate programs

These are niches that will fit in hosting affiliate programs to convert sales. Niche like entertainment, music should not pay attention to this program if only you are interested to get into these niches I will list below.

Popular webhosting affiliate programs to join

These are popular webhosting affiliate that pays in high commission. There are many webhosting services out there but i will be discussing few below and how to join them. Like i said above, many webhosting service offer affiliate program for online marketers to join end earn commission. Before you think of joining any webhosting affiliate program I will recommend you to start using that product or have enough knowledge about that product

Bluehost affiliate program

Bluehost is a popular wordpress hosting service that is currently powering over 2 millions blogs and website today and they offer affiliate program. They are highly recommended when it comes to wordpress hosting service and they pay high in commission when you refer somebody to them.

Last year, they paid over 5 million dollar commissions to online marketers who brought sales to them. I use their service to build blogs for my client. Below is my step by step guide on how to join bluehost affiliate program.

First step head over to bluehost affiliate page and click signup

How to Start Making Money with Webhosting Affiliate Programs

Fill up the form. After that you click ‘Sign Up’ button. Your application then goes into approval mode. They will get back to you through your mail you used in the form once your application is approved. But make sure you put in a valid website address.

How to Start Making Money with Webhosting Affiliate Programs

Second step fill out the tax form information

Meanwhile your application is under approval, you have to fill up Tax Form, which is required to withdraw your earnings. You can get paid through PayPal or wire transfer. But first you must have a PayPal account that receives money because, you will be asked to put your PayPal I.D

How to fill out Bluehost Affiliate Tax form for Non-US Resident

Login to you bluehost affiliate dash board, you will see a text above saying “Our records indicate we do not have a tax form on file for your account. In order to receive payment for any referrals you must complete the required form”. You have to fill your tax form box space if not you can’t be paid.

There two tax form below. One is for USA citizens the other is for non citizens which are

  • W-9 form: For US person or business (citizen, resident alien, corporation, etc.)
  • W-8BEN form: For non U.S citizen

Since we are not from USA, we going to choose W-8BEN. This second step explains how to fill W-8BEN tax form for those people who are not from USA.

Step 1, in the affiliate Tax form kindly select “No” which shows that you are not from USA and Form W-8BEN will appear as shown below.

How to Start Making Money with Webhosting Affiliate Programs

Step 2 fill up the form below with your correct details don’t try to make mistake

How to Start Making Money with Webhosting Affiliate Programs

Step 3 this area of the form is very important and critical. Here you don’t need to enter either SSN or ITIN. Since we are not from USA. So leave it blank the only place you don’t have to leave is to fill out your date of birth.


Step 4 in the section of claim no need to enter anything. Just leave all the fields blank and proceed to Certification.

Step 5 in this section of certification you have to select the checkbox Yes, I have read and acknowledge the certification. In the Signature of beneficial owner field just type your name which acts as your signature. Date is auto filled. Leave “Capacity in which acting” field blank and click Submit tax form

When you submit you have to wait for few days and they will send your mail that you tax form has been accepted.

If you have not joined Bluehost Affiliate Program then join now and start promoting Bluehost as text link or banner ad and make better commissions.

Namecheap affiliate program

Becoming a Namecheap affiliate is easy and absolutely free. All you have to do is to enable affiliates in your Namecheap account.

Signup to Namecheap account.

Sign into your Namecheap account.

Select Profile from the left sidebar and choose Tools from the sub-menu that will appear:

personal blog

Find the Business & Dev Tools section and click on Manage for Affiliate program

how to convert your personal blog into a don business

Toggle the button to the right to enable the feature. Enter your Namecheap account password into the pop-up window and click on Confirm. Then click Done:

how to convert your personal blog into a don business

Once the page refreshes, you will be provided with a unique affiliate ID and an affiliate link that should be used for users referral.

To refer users to specific pages, you just need to add an affiliate ID link in a anchor text to refer

How to make money from webhosting affiliate program

Before you start making money from any of the affiliate programs you have to promote the product either on your blog, forum, social media or any platform as long you make use of your special affiliate link given to you by the webhosting company to track your sales.

How to promote webhosting affiliate products

Here awesome quick tips on how to promote webhosting product to earn commissions

Webhosting reviews

For you to start making money from hosting affiliate, you have to write about it either on social media or your blog or forums. Let’s say you have knowledge about bluehost webhosting and you registered for their affiliate program because of their high commissions. For you to earn from this program you have to write about it to people and when your writing is convincing you will earn from it.

For example if you notice I review different hosting companies on this blog because I know so many people will want to own a website and blogs. Without host their dream blog or site will not be live. So I have to write about it on this blog and when they are convince they purchase it through my affiliate link and I earn from it.

How top bloggers make money from webhosting affiliate program

Sometimes whenever I see top bloggers like harsh agrawal telling us his income report I just say to myself what skills or techniques is he using because his most paid income comes from webhosting affiliate. Later I discovered his ways which I will be exposing to you guys.

Micro niche blog

In my own knowledge I understood micro niche blog as a blog that talks about a particular topic. This micro niche has more rankings than blogs that have multiple topics because Google pays more attention to them because they understood what your blog is all about.

Blogger like harsh agrawal has multiple blogs but the one that got me crazy was his micro niche blog that talks about a particular webhosting product e.g bluehost. Though he never told us about this blog but I found out this blog is super B and in my research he his making money from bluehost affiliate program. here it is BHusers

So what am I trying to say is this, to make more money from webhosting program you should implement this idea of having a micro niche blog talking about a webhosting service of any choice. By doing so people will know that, your blog is talking about a particular product.

How to have a micro niche blog

For you to have a micro niche blog you need a domain and a webhosting since this will be a blog. I recommend Namecheap because you can get a domain name and webhosting fro Namecheap as low as 20$(N7500). And also recommend wordpress platform.

we love comment tell us how to make more money from webhosting affiliate programs.

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  1. Excellent information that people are looking for.Most people get carried away with content writing and forget about monetizing or don’t know how to.Im in this category but with these now,I’m on my way to affiliate marketing. I have registered for Blue host and Namecheap.Thank you again.

  2. Very useful information on the topic!

    I’m already making decent amount of Money with my Ease Bedding Dot Com. It is monetized with Amazon Affiliate Links only and making around $1000 monthly and sometimes little less and in Festival months a lot more.

    Now I just started two more blogs after seeing the success of this blog and I already had my first sale with Siteground affiliate program, because I’m using siteground for over a year and Recommend it to my visitors. Siteground is really reliable and the plans are good.

  3. Very good tips to make money and I would suggest to have a look at Cloudways affiliate program with which an affiliate can earn upto $4,140 per month, Cloudways also give a straight bonus of $25 when a referral first signup’s and becomes a paying customer, the best of all is the 10% recurring commission per year for each paying referred clients.

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