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True facts about what blogging really is


Months back, I announced on my social media platform about how I got 143$ this season from blogging. So most of my friends and followers wanted to know what sup with blogging. I was surprise that some people on this earth have not heard about blogging. And also got questions from bloggers asking me how I got that amount of money.

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Actually I got that money from Google adsense. It is one of the best ways to monetize your blog. Don’t want to talk about that now because it is not the topic I want to discuss right now. As I was saying earlier people were mailing me, which I replied some why I did not reply others because they were asking the same question about what really is blogging.

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So I decided to write this article for those who don’t have clear understanding about what blogging really is.  Blogging is fun and hard. The fun part is when people love what you are doing and gaining from it while the hard part is the other way round. If you know you can’t solve problems, make impact, invest money, work hard is either you quit on starting a blog or you take a turn around. I know most of them asking me questions were after the money I announced on my social media platforms.

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Let me tell you guys this. If you think you can start a blog today and earn the next day that is a big lie. Most bloggers will tell you to buy their eBook after going through it you will start making money immediately. Fine you will make the money the same time and you might not. With experience I have been blogging for 9 months now and for the past 8 months I did not make a dime from blogging but what kept me going is loving what am doing right now which is called passion and also becoming one of the best online entrepreneur in Nigeria solving problems. But nowadays many of us are abusing the passion.

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Making money in blogging is not a guarantee. Most people have been blogging for years but they are not making any money from their blog and the main reason they are not making that money is this, they are on the wrong niche.

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Most people jump into a niche when they find out somebody who is blogging about that niche is making it. If you ask question what are the popular niche today? The answers will be blogging tips, make money online, entertainment and so on. Most bloggers make money from these niches while some are not. I am not discouraging you to quit the urge of stating a blog but giving you these facts about what it is.

Blogging is all about making impact to audience not search engine

With the definition of blogging we say blogging is writing about what you are passionate and knowledgeable about 100% true facts. But I want to ask you this. What impact are you or making through your blog? What interest people to come to your blog always because they are not seeing it someone else. If your blog don’t have this I am proud to loud it to you that there is no money bro.

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Readers and visitors are suppose to read your articles and implement what you are giving them and also motivate them. There is this saying people don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care about them.

Most bloggers don’t care about writing for their readers all they care about is writing for search engine. It’s good to optimize your article for search engine but don’t make it has if you are always writing for search engine especially Google. I urge you take the right turn of impacting people with your ideas and when you do they will release their money to you.

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It is all about finding solutions to problems

If you are a blogger and you are not solving problem is either you quit or you start looking for problems to solve and continue solving. Millions of people are looking for solutions whereas everybody including me have a problem. If you can’t solve any the money in their bank account will not come to your own account.

It is your job to solve anything as an entrepreneur which is the main purpose of being a full entrepreneur. Look for a niche to solve problems it should not be only blogging tips, make money online, gossip, seo and fashion. They are so many niches yet to be discovered. So make sure you develop yourself to look for problems and solve it.

Since you started blogging what impact are you making and what problems are you solving. We love comments.

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  1. wow…How i wish many newbies into blogging stumble and read this article. In Few words you have touched the most aspect of blogging career any newbie may want to know. thanks

  2. Thank you for creating this

  3. hi there samuel,

    these are really nice facts about what stands behing blogging. It would be better if everyone of us would know these tips when we started this.

    Also don’t forget to check the message ON SML Forum.

  4. Samuel,
    Thanks for sharing this tips which I believe is the true reality of what blogging entails.

    Blogging is one the ways I’ve been able to build a profitable online business from my passion. It involves providing value, answering people’s questions by providing helpful content readers fall in love with, and finding solutions to people’s problem.

    Congrats on your income from Google Adsense. You just reminded me of the first income I made from affiliate marketing: $80 commission for promoting a web host on my blog.

    That experience will be indelible in the book of my memory. Do you know that I actually took a snapshot of my payoneer balance and printed it on the wall of my apartment? It was a great experience for me.

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