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Top 5 tips to improve engagement on social media as a blogger

Getting engagement on social media as a bloggers Is a good idea to succeed as a blogger. Before I start discussing this topic, what is social media and what is social media engagement? Social media is a interactive forms of media that allows you to interact with people and publish to each others by means of internet.

While Social media engagement is a platform between you and other people on social media on any social network. So if you are just posting a lot of content without any discussion I have tips for you to improve your engagement on social media.


Creating groups and joining them, Facebook, linkedin, Google+, Twitter, will improve your engagement on social media as a blogger. This helps you to start or join a discussion that can help and also generate interest in your blog.

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Also joining or creating group helps you in any way of giving out informative advice to members. When joining this group you don’t just throw out your content which is link to your blog and log off. You won’t get engage by doing that but instead participate in that discussion about that content and also participate on other peoples content.


Been active always on social media improves your engagement with people, because they believe you are knowledgeable about what you do so when people ask questions and they don’t get reply quickly, you are bringing down their emotion of what answer they want and also they feel you are not serious of you becoming a blogger so always respond quickly whenever a question is giving to you with this you are engaging with people.

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when you develop original unique blog content that is really valuable to people, share it to social media. Share original unique content that can solve problems for people. NOTE; content and social media marketing go hand to hand with so much content has been developed and shared everyday all over the internet.

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If you want to be unique make yours to standout. Also always post unique content consistently because when members of your group don’t see anything new to discuss about, they will stop paying attention to you. So if you want people to engage with you then you post unique content consistently and participate in the discussion.

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If you are posting content into social media with just one way, you will not get any social media engagement from that. But try this; it is easy to invite people to join conversation by asking wonderful questions. People love to share their knowledge and opinions about everything; you can also gain some crucial information about your audience by listening to their answers and note what they have to say.

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Give people inspiration by sharing quotes that inspires. This are also popular on social media, they usually get high number of shares. Use inspirational quote that makes sense for your target audience and be unique by developing inspirational image quote that get people thinking which relate to what they really want to achieve in their life.

Inspirational quotes image are very easy to develop and effective way to create engagement on social media. Also post motivational quote that can bring people faith high and ask your audience how that motivated quote work for them.

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