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Time-saving formula: manage your instagram within 20 minutes

It is easy to get sidetracked on Instagram. Of course, you have the best intentions when using the platform, which is to post and share the latest news and product releases. However, before you know it, you spend hours browsing through cute photos of doggies sleeping and cats skateboarding. Now, this normally wouldn’t be an issue. But this is not your personal account; it is your firm’s!

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Instagram is an efficient tool for businesses and marketers to get social media followers. This visual platform is  for promoting products and services and creating a community of fans. All these can be achieved if Instagram is used correctly.

Time-Saving Formula Manage Your Instagram Within 20 Minutes

Frankly, Instagram is the best platform for providing high-quality content to your followers. It helps in interacting with followers and creating leads and sales. But just like other popular social media platforms, Instagram can be time-consuming and addictive.

Though Instagram is an important platform, it is still a tiny aspect of your marketing strategy. So, you don’t need to spend an enormous amount of time or get tied down focusing on Instagram.

20 Minute Instagram Schedule

1. Spend 5 Minutes Planning Your Content

One important thing you need to keep in mind is, people using Instagram want consistency. If you expect them to keep track of your varying schedules and like anything you post; then you are wrong. Just like other social media platforms,  a content calendar is needed.

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If your content calendar is empty, then add concepts and image ideas of what you want to post. Try to add the photos you have or take some time to look for images that fit your brand’s message. Also take some time to see if your Instagram posts can be shared on other social media networks.

Time-Saving Formula Manage Your Instagram Within 20 Minutes


Frankly, the more time you spend on planning, the less time you end up wasting.

2. Take 4 Minutes to Edit And Post Images

Do you know what the core of Instagram is? It is sharing snaps that create and develop a visual identity for you and your brand. Eventually, you will end up creating a community. The best part of using Instagram is that it is quite intuitive. The presence of editing tools and preset filters make it easy for you to spend less time on the editing procedure.

Time-Saving Formula Manage Your Instagram Within 20 Minutes

Ironically, many of you will not use Instagram for editing, as there are better applications like Afterlight and VSCOCam which give images a professional look.

Avoid stressing on quality. People are aware that you take photos using your phone. Make sure to post one or two pictures each day. Try to avoid overwhelming peoples’ feeds with pictures every day.

Time-Saving Formula Manage Your Instagram Within 20 Minutes

3. Spend 8 Minutes To Engage

Are you planning on gaining new followers and strengthening your Instagram community? Do you comment and like other Instagram users’ content?

This is a great strategy, however, before doing so, try to start with your own Instagram account. Take some time to reply to the various comments posted by your followers on your pictures.

Try to show them that you will go out of your way to interact with them personally. Now return the favor by commenting on the posts of the followers who commented on yours. Avoid being a spammer. Just like few of their pictures and leave one or two comments.

Time-Saving Formula Manage Your Instagram Within 20 Minutes

Individuals prefer it when brands interact with them and comment on their account. It makes them feel that they are interacting with real entities rather than robots.

After you have taken care of your community, then it is time to focus on new followers. You can use the Explore tab to search for new individuals who are relevant to your brand. You can even search for pictures and hashtags that come up. If you come across any picture that matches your brand, try to engage with its content.

5. Take 3 Minutes To Monitor Communities And Hashtags

You can check out the hashtags users use to describe their products and services. Also, you can look at how they write the captions and post emojis. Make a note of these, so that you can pick up tips for your own posts. It is important that you create a branded hashtag or go for one that is relevant to your industry.

Hashtags can be used to source user-generated content, which you can re-share on your account. An interesting aspect of this is that your followers will like the free exposure, and you end up getting a reliable source of content, thereby decreasing the time spend on Instagram.


Time is tight when you have to manage all the social media platforms of your brand. Also, there may not be enough time for you to plan ahead and schedule Instagram posts. But with the 20-minute schedule mentioned above, you can make sure that the time spent on your company’s Instagram account is productive.


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