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how to grow your email list

Ultimate guide to get your first 100 email list subscribers 2017

In this page I will be discussing how to get your first 100 subscribers to your email list not to YouTube but to your email list. How to grow your email list Email marketing is the most important thing to do for your personal brand or for your small business. …

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combine school and blogging

How to combine school and blogging- My blogging journey

It has been a while friends, how are you guys doing, hope all is going smoothly. Actually, I decided to publish this article because most of my blogger friends who know I am back to school were asking me how I combine school activities with blogging. Read also:  how to …

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real estate brokers

8 smart apps for real estate brokers

SMART APPS FOR REAL ESTATE BROKERS Without any doubt, the real estate industry has increasingly become mobile as brokers are constantly on the move and need running their businesses. Luckily, your smartphone can be a thing of beauty as well as productivity especially for real estate brokers. Getting organized isn’t …

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Make money in Nigeria why blogging the right way

HOW TO BLOG THE RIGHT WAY Hello louders welcome to another episode of loudtips. In this article I will be combining 3 topics that are very important for those who have an online business. These topics are Reasons you are not making money in Nigeria why blogging Choosing the right …

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dream job

4 Tips to get your dream job in Nigeria 2017

HOW TO GET YOUR DREAM JOB Ask for the dream job you want, ask for the responsibility you want. If you are in a job you don’t like and you want to change it or are you looking for a large career in something new then you have to know …

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True facts about what blogging really is

WHAT IS BLOGGING Months back, I announced on my social media platform about how I got 143$ this season from blogging. So most of my friends and followers wanted to know what sup with blogging. I was surprise that some people on this earth have not heard about blogging. And …

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marketing guide

How to start affiliate marketing- Dummies guide

HOW TO START AFFILIATE MARKETING Last week I published a post about what really is all about affiliate marketing you should check it out. In this article I will be discussing about how to start affiliate marketing. Some of you have gotten the knowledge about what affiliate marketing is all …

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affiliate marketing

What really is affiliate marketing

So many bloggers have been writing about how to make money online through different ways but you have not started making money in any way. So in this article I will be discussing about affiliate program. I know some of you would have come across this way of making money …

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reverse mortgage

Pros and Cons of Reverse Mortgage

While new customers availing loans and investing in properties are hard to find, the lending community has considered serving the aged in order to revive business. Just because people in the ‘retired’ category have stopped receiving income doesn’t mean they cannot be targeted successfully. Read also: 27 business ideas for …

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14 Startup ideas for African entrepreneurs that will make you a billionaire

Billionaire business ideas For the past few weeks I have been writing about series of business idea for African entrepreneurs. So this week I came up with another startup idea that will make you a billionaire. In this article I want you to think big. I will be discussing startup …

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