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How to Steal Your Competitors Rankings

How to Steal Your Competitors Rankings – Hidden Secret Revealed

This trick is one of the craziest tricks I discovered online from seo experts. It has been helping me to improve my rankings. How do you feel to know how your competitors are ranking and also steal from them using few backlink checkers? It sounds crazy right. Don’t worry I will be reviewing this crazy trick below.

In this guide I will be reviewing how to steal your competitor rankings by locating where their backlinks are coming from. We all know without backlink you are not sure of ranking because it is the major ranking factor Google uses to rank site to first page and also an important factor to boost your domain authority.

Few days back a Facebook friend shared his pain on his timeline saying lindaikeji will copy his article and paste it on her blog and the funniest thing is that she will out rank you on Google.

Here is why, we all know she is a popular gossip blogger over years and over thousands of people are linking back to her blog. In my previous post published how to improve your domain authority by Awogor Matthew and he explained to us, that the more quality site linking back to your site the more your domain authority is getting high (ranking factor). In this case that’s why lindaikeji will out rank you because you got no quality backlink linking back to you. But don’t worry I will be teaching you how to steal from her and other bloggers with any keyword of your choice.

Let’s begin this madness

The ultimate guide to steal from your competitors rankings

This is what you will learn from this guide so follow this crazy step by step for fast result.

  • How to steal from competitors rankings
  • How to check your competitor backlinks
  • How to perform competitor analysis
  • How to steal your competitors best backlinks
  • How to build your links database

The first method to this crazy trick

Head over to Google search box and text in the keyword you want to rank for; be it long tail keyword or short. When you text the keyword into the search box it will bring out top ten site ranking on that keyword on Google first page. Why they are ranking on that first page is because there is a link profile powering their site for that keyword to rank on first page that pleases Google. Just think of it, if your site has the same backlink powering their site for that keyword to rank, wont you join the first page. This is so fucking crazy right.

So why spend your time and money trying to figure things on how to rank on first page when you can just immediately steal from your competitors best backlinks!. This is making me to go crazy reviewing this secret. Implementing competitor analysis like this allows you create a great foundation link building to your site. Stealing your competitors backlinks takes a lot of the hard work out of link building & is very easy for anyone who is new to SEO to do.

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This is a trick I use all of the time to build a very natural backlinks slowly but surely it will give you a great result. you can do more than me because am too lazy if only you follow this step and continue the process.

Second step > Gather the top ten URL of those site

What you really need to do is to gather the top 10 first page search results of that keyword you want to rank and make sure you take note of each URL. I will be teaching you how to run each of these URL’s through the backlink checkers I will be discussing below.

Third step> look for all the backlinks powering those top ten result

To steal your competitors backlink you need to find them with the use of 3 best backlink checker tool I have come across. The number one out of the three listed below will definitely give you full result.

Best backlink checker

These are backlink checker you should never ignore to make use of all have free version and paid version

Ahrefs backlink checker free and paid version

Ahrefs has a backlink checker which I recommend though there is a free version and paid version to use it. I know most of us will like to try to use the free version but the free version gives you quite a lot of backlink data but you can only see the top 10 backlinks of each report.

Here is how to use it

Go to backlinks > external, then backlinks > new/lost to export as many as you can with the free account. The paid account allows you to export all of them into a CSV file in one click.

Majestic SEO free and paid version

Majestic SEO are always one of the top performers in terms of the number of backlinks they provide.

When you sign up for a free account you can export all of the backlinks for sites you own and verify which is delicious. But to check other people’s backlinks like Ahrefs s it’s limited to the top 10 backlinks. Get more by going to the backlinks tab & the new tab! The paid account gives you 1 click access to export everything into a CSV file.

How to Steal Your Competitors Rankings

Open site explorer free and paid version

This backlink tool is owned by MOZ. The free search will let you get the top 50 backlinks for each URL. Clicking on the just discovered tab will get you an extra 5 while the paid version gives you the export to CSV option as well as access to the rest of the MOZ suite of tools.

How to Steal Your Competitors Rankings

Fourth step> Open notepad and copy all of the links

After using the backlink tool checker is time you collect all the links your competitors are getting their backlink from and paste them on your note pad and save it because you need to use them.

Fifth step> replicate the links

Once you have saved the links in a note pad is time to go through one of them step by step to see how your competitors got those links pointing back to their blog. In those links your competitors might get those links either through blog commenting, guest posting, forum discussion.

Quick tip: if it is blog commenting, then you have to comment in that link but comment wisely don’t just say little words, try to comment something that can create engagement.

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Also if it is a discussion forum then you have to sign up and join the discussion and if it is guest posting then you do the same to guest post in that blog. As you continue to do this you will get fast result.

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Make sure you do this process on any keyword you want to rank for and save the links in a note pad because they are gold. And you know gold are valuable for future use. This seo technique is easy for anyone to rank for even if you have a new domain or you are new to SEO. You can check out how you can rank on first page using Google webmaster tool.

We love comment tell us any other tool we can use to reveal our competitors backlinks

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  1. Thanks for this post, and its very helpful

  2. Thanks for the information. This is really valuable. But what if link your competitor got from the page you found is a natural link from blog post or page?

    I guess the logical thing to do is to create a page or post similar to the one they linked to and politely request they link to you too.

  3. Hey samuel, nice post. About applying brian deans moving man method in Nigeria is rather hard. It’s very hard to earn a link even after you’ve created a better post someone should naturally link too. Linking to a blog is kind of a mutual relationship in the Nigerian blogosphere.

    It’s like an old saying: scratch my back and i’ll scratch yours.

    Won’t you agree?

  4. It doesn’t work like that. Getting links via comment box doesn’t work much now. The real thing is Getting a link to your blog posts via the persons page or blog post.

    Google announced that Link building is one of their top 3 ranking signals. So it doesn’t really rely on the usual “Content Is King”. But in other to get quality links from top bloggers to your blog posts, they must be unique too.

    Thank You.

  5. One question here: When building backlinks via commenting, which does work, writing the link in the comment field or in the website field?


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