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How to Start a Successful Music Blog

How to Start a Successful Music Blog in Nigeria

There are so many music blogs in Nigeria some are successful while some are just there. Many have their traffic but don’t know how to make good use of it.

How to start music blog

In this article you are going to learn how to set up a successful music blog that is based in Nigeria and make it go viral and successful in 3 months.

Set up the blog

The blog should be a self-hosted WordPress blog with magazine style template whereby you can have something like Featured music, Top downloads of the week and a carousel slider (not a must). The home page should be very simple for fast loading. There will be static pages like about us or contact us, DMCA, upload music, privacy policy and promote your music. As we go down I will explain why you need those pages.

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The contents

The contents of your music blog should be music. There are already established music blogs in Nigeria, the best thing for to do is to take your time and transfer latest Nigerian music’s from their blog to your blog. Don’t copy them rather use the template. I will provide you a template to use at the end of this section when you subscribe. Mind you the template is an example so you go create yours after looking my example.

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Here you have to be extremely fast. To embed music player in your wordpress post paste the link of the music which ends with .mp3, wordpress will automatically convert it to a music player. If due to poor network bandwidth and wordpress did not do anything, click add media and then insert link. Don’t forget to create categories to make it easy for navigation. Make use of tags but not too much but in this case I suggest you use artist name as tag.

Another fast way to get too many Nigerian music uploaded on your blog in a couple of days is by asking people to upload music on your blog free. This sound weird but it’s true because Nigeria is disorganized and also Nigerian musicians. Here is the target, make your blog a place everyone will like to upload his music and it should be free. Don’t charge anybody for this because there is a way you can monetize your blog which will be explained in the later part of this article keep reading.

But first here is the list of reasons why people should upload music free on your blog. It will increase the number of indexed pages on your blog and improve search traffic on low competitive keywords (good for SEO). People will be forced to share their music on Facebook and other social networks which increase traffic thereby making you more popular and it will boost your social signal (a search engine ranking factor). It helps build your backlinks, because they will go and drop their links in forum sites, blog comments and ask other bloggers to blog about their music whose download link can be found on your blog (very good for SEO).

How to collect music from your site visitors becomes an unanswered question. Here is the perfect way to go about it. Create a page called upload music; first of all tell people that they are to upload music’s on your blog free but the following instructions should be adhered strictly for their music to be published on your blog.

Be careful that no one uploads branded music’s on your blog. Don’t do anything to alter the music, because it’s not your property, even the album art or song file name. Doing so will even affect your SEO. The form should go like this artist name: song/ album title:  Download link: here you should give them instruction that their music must be uploaded in a file hosting site like zippy share, dopefile.pk and others and its link should be entered in the form. If it’s an album the zip file should be uploaded and the download link should be entered in the form.

Next is the description (here every reason why people should download the song should be included even the track list should be included if it’s an album or mix tape). Next is an availability to upload album art.  Next is for the user to submit the form

Handling download links

Warning: don’t upload musics directly on your website. Reason is that you can’t be able to back up your site or move it to another server in case any thing happens. It will make you to consume a lot sever resources which your traffic is meant to consume thereby making your site to have server issues. Lastly when uploading a music infected by virus, there will be damages.

The best thing to do is upload your music file hosting sites like zippy share and dopefile.pk, but there are a lot of them out there but my favorite is dopefile.pk because you don’t need to sign up to upload music there. Note this, music uploaded to dopefile.pk or file hosting sites gets deleted after 30 days if they don’t get downloaded within 30 days. But that shouldn’t be your business, your business is to sell your traffic via ads and make money.

Categorizing contents

Make sure your contents are well categorized. Don’t eat more than you can chew. Make navigation easy and simple. Having five categories namely singles, album mix-tape, videos and news is standard. It is not easy to keep all categories up to date, note I listed them according to order of importance you are free to reduce them so that your blog can be easily managed.


There are three ways you can monetize your blog, first is by banners or pay per click, ad networks like Google Adsense. You must have a well customized front page where users can pay for front page promotion for certain amount of time. There can be inline ads in post pages which is a good way to monetize your music blog.

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Thirdly, is through the download link. Monetize the download links with paid to shorten link like adf.ly  etc. You can use pop ads with caution because it will drive your traffic away.

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How to do SEO on a music blog

First and foremost thing need to do before choosing a domain name is keyword research. Secondly your domain name should be an exact match domain name with a keyword you desire or should have your keyword in it. Thirdly start building your backlinks even before setting up the blog.

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Set up your homepage make sure there is an about section including the keywords you want to rank on. Your contents should include relevant keywords.

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Make sure links are no follow and avoid linking to your competitors except for download link where the music is uploaded on their site. All external link should be set to open in new tab. All images should have alt text. Don’t suffer yourself with 300 words description but do other SEO stuffs.

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Strive to create posts as much as possible. The more published music  on your blog the more the traffic you get. Concentrate on getting traffic from Google to keep your Adsense safe. Still confused use the comment box below to consult me free of charge.

Hiring a webmaster that will help you set up a successful music blog, I am available. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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  1. I recently moved my blog to blogger because it requires more bandwidth and space, does that mean blogger blogs have few advantage over your number 1 option.

    You know blogger has no option for categories. Is there any alternative for we blogger users?

    Thanks for sharing

    • You can do everything explained in this post in blogger.

      If you are using blogspot, labels act as categories and you can easily embed a music player and a Download link.

      I have written a few posts on music blogging for blogspot users.


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