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How to Start a Money Making Blog

To start a money making blog first of all consider factors that make a blog a money making blog.

Lots of the blogs you see online does not generate income but the user intent is to generate income but at the long run he is not making any money.

To start a money making a blog you need money minimum of $14 (N7000). Yes nothing good they say comes easy because you have to pay for domain and hosting.

Before you start a money making blog you must know these

  1. You blog on purpose. Blogging on purpose means writing about something or about a product to make an instant sell. Here blogging on purpose is just to do a blog planning of the whole content of the blog not just to solve user intent but to do business with the user.
  2. Blog about what is in demand. To start a money making blog you will blog about what people are searching for, and this is where the job is. You have to find out what people search for related to your niche. You should not forget you are here to make money so you don’t just look for what people are searching for but you should also look for the ones that will generate income. Here is an example

You run a tech blog and apple launches a new operating system absolutely a lot of people truly will be looking for the operating system but just blogging about the operating system will not generate income for you as a blogger. But blogging about phones or gadgets supported by that operating system and how the new operating system affect the gadget in terms of new features will generate leads because some people who are looking for how the new operating system affects the gadget, will make purchase through your blog and you make money as blogger.

You avoid blogging about things that are not popular unless your blog is already popular

Step by step guide on how to setup a money making blog

If the sever of your host is slow it will affect your Google ranking therefore I recommend Namecheap as a reliable hosting company for startup bloggers because with $14 (N7000) you get yourself a hosting and a domain name for the first year.

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I recommend WordPress for it search engine optimization advantages. You can now go ahead to go to your cpanel to install WordPress then I recommend Sahifa – Responsive WordPress News / Magazine / Newspaper Theme from Themeforest as one of the well optimize WordPress theme.

It has user rating for product review which has SEO advantage. This theme adapts to adsense and other affiliate plugins. The design is multipurpose and can fit into any niche. The theme is compliant to schema.org. in general the theme is built to rank in Google.

If you are finding it hard to customize sahifa on your blog or you are finding it hard to get sahifa feel free to contact me on whatsapp with +2347034727130 I am always there to help you make money from your blog.

Search engine optimization

If your blog don’t rank in Google there is no way you are going to generate income

List of search engine optimization techniques you must apply in all your blog post

  1. Use appropriate titles
  2. Use h2 and h3 tags where necessary
  3. Use keywords you want to rank on Google 2.5% to 3% in your post
  4. Your keyword should appear in your title and also in one of the H2 or H3 tags in your post
  5. Link to authority site within your post where necessary
  6. External links should be no follow
  7. Your contents must be up to three hundred words
  8. Use Alt text on your images
  9. Your images should not be as small as a thumbnail
  10. There should not be stop words in the post link such as for, I, a and so on
  11. Make sure you use your keyword in one of the alt text in the images
  12. Make sure you use at least one or two images in your post

Try and bring in the keyword in the first paragraph

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How to monetize a blog

If you don’t know how to monetize a blog you cannot make money from it. First you need to calculate user’s intent and behavior to determine the right method for your niche. I know you will be expecting me to list all ads networks and affiliate networks suitable for each niche.

Personally as a pro internet marketer I see blog monetization beyond that scope. Here it deals with the design and organization of your blog in relation with user’s behavior. Blog monetization is not about putting ads around your blog rather it is put and arranging the right streams of income in the right manner. Knowing the right stream of income is about research and calculation. Don’t be scared when I say research and calculation it easy but there is no formula either but I am going to explain with some example.

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To monetize a blog you need to determine what attracts people in your niche most and find a way to use it as a bait. The size design and location of each banner maters. Yes links works but animation works better. The way you present the products matters too, some people calls it packaging.

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You can use a video on the side bar to generate income. I am not condemning the use of ads networks, but don’t rely on them because they are doing their own business they don’t really care about you. So sometimes they will mess up with your earnings. But in most niche they are unavoidable mostly music niche. They may end up helping you make the most out of your blog. Making money from a blog doesn’t mean it must be from ads networks but with some level of creativity you can make money selling products related to your niche. I will explain how to achieve by explaining how I monetized two blogs in two different niche.

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How i monetized offkick

OFFKICK is a soccer money making blog hosted on blogger. When my client contacted me, there was no domain name though he has been blogging for five years no income. His blogs name then was premiersportz and the url was premiersportz.blogspot.com and he was using Awesome Inc blogger template by Tina Chen the type Ogbonge blog uses.

He wants me to help him make money from his blog. First I have to analyze the top guys in his niche which are flash score, lives core, super sport, sky sports and statarea and others.

I discovered that their names are related to what they do. SEO keyword in domain name is not needed here but you need something short sweet, easy to remember, related to soccer and extremely short word.

Next I choose a magazine structure template because it’s what’s perfect for his niche. The best way to monetize a sports blog is betting followed by selling of sports products and digital contents. Therefore, I asked him to sign upon planets of bets because it is an irregular sports betting company. The reason why I asked him to do that is that football gamblers are always ready to change their bookmaker so an unpopular one in the US is a good one.

Next I decided not to use the banner given to us by planet of bets. I contracted a photographer to give him fitting shot that I want. I used it to design a simple banner for planet of bets and choose to put it at the header of his site because its site wide and an up popular betting company bearing his signifies some level of authority and will help that ads to convert better. Next I asked him to sign up on bet 360 because it’s a popular betting company and it will convert better. So I made it appear bellow and above post. My client had an AdSense account I did the same to it.

Next I asked my client to predict football matches weekly which serves as a bait for football gamblers. This will help his banners to convert better.

Yes it will take time and USA traffic is required along with SEO. But the end justifies the means

computers den

How i monetized computersden

COMPUTERSDEN  is a money making blog about computers. My client contacted me to help him set up a money making micro blog which he can easily manage. I choose a niche for him after interviewing him to know his ability.

A blog about computers is not an easy one because it is not an easy one. Choosing a domain name for him was not that easy because here the domain name must be associated with the word computer. The blog is hosted in namecheap. In this blog all article should be written with keywords and those keywords use must be the ones those who wants to buy a computer uses. It took time for him to learn and adapt to it.

Next I choose to use amazon affiliate and aliexpress affiliate to monetize his blog. I used a notification bar to create an awesome CTA to aliexpress. I thought him how to professionally embed products he write about on his blog posts. It’s a minor blog though but created with target. Here there is no ads network on the blog. It’s not bad to have them but he is doing without them. Here USA traffic is required for proper conversion and search engine optimization is necessary and must be done steadily overtime.

Hmm, that was quite a long story but am sorry it took lots of your time. To set up a money making blog requires creativity research and a good webmaster that can understand your niche and user intent is required.

A new blog don’t become a money making blog overnight. Time is required. Never stop writing the right article and channel your blog through income source. Every blog be it an entertainment or news or multi-niche blog can be a money making blog. Never stop promoting your blog to a wider audience. Always concentrate on making your blog better. Nothing Goods comes easy or overnight but if you do things the right way your growth will be faster than others. If need a webmaster to make your blog a money making blog contact me on whatsapp only with +2347034727130


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