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Welcome to this exclusive page of loudtips where you will be learning some blogging strategies on how to build and customize your blog on wordpress.

The aim of this page is to teach people who are going into blogging for the first time using the wordpress platform.

What you will learn on this wordpress guide

  • How to register a domain and purchase web hosting
  • How to build and setup a wordpress blog ( 24 important things to setup after installing wordpress)
  • Important wordpress plugins you need to install and how to set them up
  • Blogging strategies/SEO to make your blog grow faster and gain search engine visibility

You can have your self hosted wordpress blog up and running in 30 minutes.

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What is self hosted wordpress blog and non self hosted wordpress blog?

I know you might have been thinking about this sentence SELF HOSTED BLOG. Don’t get confuse, in a better explanation, it is you having control over your site. Self hosted blog are blogs with .Com .Net . Uk . Co.Com.ng for example, loudtips.com.

While non self hosted wordpress blog you don’t have control over your site. These are blogs that end up with blogspot.com , wordpress.com e.g loudtips.wordpress.com or loudtips.blogspot.com. I hope you understand the difference between the two.

Creating your wordpress blog (Step 1)

Before you can say you own a site with .com or .net and .org, you have to buy a domain and web hosting.

  • Domain name is the name of the blog you want to own e.g i own loudtips.com.
  • Web hosting in a simple explanation it is the power engine of your site. Without hosting your wordpress blog cant run. It is where all your site files are stored.

You can get  domain name for free if only you purchase webhosting from bluehost

This process of getting a cheap webhosting from bluehost with a free domain name will take 3 minutes. Here is a tutorial on how to buy webhosting from bluehost with a free domain name  for your wordpress blog. Click in the link below and get a domain name and web hosting purchase now

Step 2

After purchasing a domain name and web hosting from Bluehost you will be given a control panel to install wordpress. This will take just one click to install. Here is the step by step guide tutorial on how to install wordpress using Bluehost with just one click.

Step 3

After installing wordpress, you now own a self hosted wordpress blog (congratulation). This 3rd step is about to make some changes in your wordpress dashboard. E,g setting up your permalinks and discussion settings and so on. Don’t worry is not that hard to do. Here is a tutorial to help you setup some things in your wordpress dashboard.

Good job bro and sis on getting this far. Your blog is now up and running

Step 4

In this step there are few things you need to learn before graduating to the 5th step.

Use this guides as your reference

Step 5

In this step many beginners fail to implement this after developing their wordpress blog because they are not bothered of installing and activating some important plugin that will make difference in their wordpress blog. If you have any question contact me @ loudtips24@gmail.com.

After following all these steps above and completed, you have graduated from a newbie to beginner.

Do let me know if you want to add any specific WordPress topics into this WordPress guide.

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