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SEO TIPS- Features of a good quality backlink

SEO has gone so wide on internet, every blogger and internet marketer’s talks about quality backlink which is very important for your site to have backlink from a quality site to rank higher on search engines also to receive huge traffic.

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It is so hard now to receive traffic through optimization of your content, because pro bloggers has dominated the first page of Google and second/third page using White hat, black hat, grey hat software’s to dominate search engines. So you thinking to SEO your content using yoast to rank on Google first page you are just wasting your time. Google also focus on the backlink your site receives. If your site does not receive backlink from a popular site you won’t rank.

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What is a Backlink?

Backlink is a link from other directories link to your blog. Having no backlinks to your site from a quality site you will not get people coming to your blog because Google crawls those popular sites all times. So any backlink Google noticed from a quality and popular site related to your site, Google will possibly rank your site.

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NOTE: internet marketers cannot emphasize enough how critical it is to build backlinks to your site to help improve search engine rankings. However it is equally important to know what is a good quality backlink so that you will maximize your time and energy it takes to create one. Good quality backlink should have these features listed below.

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Features of a good Quality Backlink

These are the features of quality backlinks that affect positive search result

  1. A good quality backlink should be from an active site that publishes fresh content on weekly basis as oppose to a dormant site. Having your links on active website means that, the search engines will quickly find those backlink because those sites always get crawled and indexed regularly by search engines.
  2. It should be a long term stable link meaning that the chances of the backlink being deleted should be slim to none. Try focusing on building backlink that will not be easily removed by blog owners or editors’ example, blog network, guest blogging, directories and many more. Also blog commenting and signature links should be approached with more caution as these are the most vulnerable to get deleted.
  3. A good backlink should be from a page or site with a high page rank on search engine. If you can get backlink from a PR4 site and above that’s, cool because those backlink are excellent. Page rank 2 and 3 sites are more common on the internet so a backlink from these sites is not bad either. Including page 0 and 1 in your backlink campaign is better than having no backlink at all. Note this: page rank 1 is better than 2 page rank 0 backlink. so brethren always focus and aiming from higher page rank sites for you to also rank.
  4. Good backlink should be on a quality website rather than a site that has pornographic, spam sites and gambling sites. Also it should be a contextual backlink which is surrounded by text content such as the middle of an article. This backlink is more powerful than those that appear on widget or footer, make sure you use back linking methods that capitalize on this.

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