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How to Optimize your WordPress Blog Post to Rank on Search Engines

Following the advice in this article you might rank on search engines by the end of this article. Hello viewers this is  Sam Igwe the founder of  this blog, where I impact and teach bloggers to become super stars in the blog industry today.

In this articles no exception my readers, I will be discussing about how to do search engine optimization on your website content.

SEO has change a lot and it will continue to change. But they are some basic tips and principles in this article that will be valuable to you no matter at what stage you are reading this article. So here are the three things I will be discussing in this article

3 awesome tips to rank your page on search engines

  • You have to be developing great content all time, regularly. Your blog can never just be static.
  • You need to optimize that content using the wordpress SEO plugin called yoast, just download and install that right now after reading this article.
  • Create an XML SITEMAP using the SEO yoast plugin and send it to search engine so that they will crawl your site

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These three basic principles above will help you rank your post and page immediately using the SEO yoast plugin. Here is the image of my wordpress dashboard.

This image below were the arrow is pointing, it shows that I have installed the SEO yoast plugin. You can see it pointing at the SEO tag title.

seo example

And also got series of green, red, ash and orange dot. The green dot means it has been optimize, the red dot means poorly optimize, the orange dot means ready to optimize, the ash dot means not optimize. So you have to do some more work at the red, orange, ash dots to have the green dot which means it is optimize.

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In this image above I picked a post that has the ash dot that means not optimize because I want to show you how to optimize that post below.

Images below is the wordpress SEO yoast plugin below the content box. I will be focusing on the focus keyword which I typed wordpress seo plugin simplifies optimization and it will bring out some options for you to go to your content to correct what is needed.

seo eample 3

wordpress seo plugin simplifies optimization has been optimize
wordpress seo plugin simplifies optimization has been optimize

At the right top side of your dashboard where you click to publish you will see a green dot good check on your SEO. So friend you can also do the same thing to your pages that have those poorly dots.

Create an xml sitemap

An XML SITEMAP is a file that helps search engines like Google and bing to understand your website structure effectively and it makes more crawl able and searchable for the search engines. At the image below, this how XML SITEMAP looks like after installing the plugin.

yoast exmaple

Click on the SEO what you will be doing is generating a site map and send it to search engines which it crawls your site automatically. Copy the link when you click the XML SITEMAP and submit it to Google using Google console (webmaster tool).

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Viewers, I have broken down the three basic principles to rank your pages and post. Continue these process over and over again.

Lovely friends do you understand the 3 basic steps to rank your page faster and why you NEED to do them? If this was helpful share it to others. Ask me questions if you don’t understand by commenting below or contact me and subscribe for my latest post by dropping your mail to get you updated.




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