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Proven SEO Techniques

Proven SEO Techniques that works – Learn & Stop Paying SEO Geeks

Am not suppose to publish my secret proven seo techniques because blogging is all about business but I was force to do so by a friend on Facebook who recommended me with popular bloggers like Neil Patel , backlinko and the rest.

facebook post

So I was flattered and grateful which forced me to show you guys one of my secret proven seo techniques that are working for me to rank on Google first page using your webmaster tool.

SEO is not luck, I smile when most Nigeria bloggers say SEO is luck, but I will not blame them because they don’t know how search engine works though ,Google change their algorithm always.

Definition of algorithm by Neil Patel

The word “algorithm” refers to the logic-based, step-by-step procedure for solving a particular problem. In the case of a search engine, the problem is “how to find the most relevant webpages for this particular set of keywords (or search terms).” The algorithm is how Google finds, ranks and returns the relevant results.

Last month I publish the 3 important ranking factors you can do to gain visibility on search engines while Aaron grey publish a guest post here on loudtips titled seo tips that will improve your rankings in no time.

Google’s 200 ranking factors

Though we have almost 200 ranking factors by backlinko that works but I classified the 200 ranking factors into 3 important ranking factors to implement namely

  • On page seo
  • Off page seo
  • Site wide seo

Onpage SEO

Onpage SEO refers to as tweaking of your webpage or articles physically to gain visibility e.g. uses of keywords, internal links, outbound links, and content length.

Off page SEO

Off page factors are factors outside your website. You should pay special attention includes relevant backlinks, social shares, and domain authority and anchor text links.

Days back someone told me he wants to be sure of something by asking me a question saying that a blogger told him that he should stop sharing his article on Facebook that if he is doing so it will reduce his ranking. I was angry reading that in my inbox why will some bloggers lead people into a hole. i feel like punching that blogger.

Site wide factors

These factors are factors about your entire website that negatively and positively affect rankings such as sitemap, mobile friendly and website speed.

It’s high time we stop paying the SEO guys to do the ranking job for us. But, if you still have the money it’s not bad to hire them because I know some of us are lazy even if you read this tutorial. But if you don’t have the money to hire what will you do? Instead learn from these proven SEO techniques that works for me and some top bloggers.

Most of us have publish so many articles, yet you find it hard to rank on a keyword but don’t worry I will clean your tears because Mr. GT igwe made me do so. You should thank him later not me. In this tutorial I will be showing how to use the three factors to rank on first page starting from your webmaster tool.

Note: I will be exposing one of my keyword to you, using it as an example to help you boost your ranking but please don’t use the keyword to fight me back on search engine. Most bloggers don’t review this but am sacrificing this for you for the sake for helping bloggers out there because of the slug of loudtips ”BLOG FOR BLOGGERS”. You can’t find it anywhere.

STEP 1 – Using your Google webmaster tool

Google Webmaster tool (GWT) is one of the very first place, where you should submit your Website after launching.

In this first step I will be starting with the site wide factor because it is very important. Before I begin, if you have not submitted your sitemap to webmaster tool, click here to start now before reading this guide. But if you had already then continue with me.

Note: before I show you how to use your webmaster tool, bloggers using .com tick the box unlisted for your target location (unlisted= you will get traffic from all continent) but if you want it from any country of your choice you can choose any country of your choice but for .ng target Nigeria.

To do so, go straight to Search traffic >> International targeting and tick it or choose your location to target your traffic from where to come from.

international targeting

Let’s get started

In webmaster tool dashboard go straight to search traffic >> Search analytic you will see queries

Queries are keywords use by people to find your blog on search engine

The images below are my keywords people use to find me on search engine

proven seo techniques

You can see the keyword Ez rewriter.

Secondly, i will show you  the page who have that keyword and the position in search result

when i click the keyword, above your graph you will see a box to thick position i clicked it and it told me me my position in google search . If you notice in this image below my position for that keyword is 2.9 that means am number 2 on first page.

Some of us our keyword will be in the second or third page. So make sure you try your best to rank first page before you get kicked out immediately.

For you readers Click the keyword and tick “page” ( use the image above as example you will see where i clicked page). It will show you the page of that keyword. When the page of that keyword appear, it is time to implement on page seo using that keyword in your h2 or h3.

Step 2 – Using your title tag H2 & H3

So many bloggers fail to use title tags on their article. Not doing so will result to ranking failure. Even some bloggers use it the wrong way. We have series of title tag to use which are h1 h2 h3 h4 h5

proven seo techniques

Note:  Title Appears your h1 tag, wordpress users you need not to make any changes because CMS like wordpress is default but for other platforms its not default. for blogger platform make sure you make use of it inside your article once and your h2 and h3 tags two times or three times in your article.

Title tag is a great way to rank for a keyword. Title tag is among the 200 ranking factors backlinko expose to us. Here is how I use that keyword Ez rewriter to rank number 3 on first page which was formally on the 4th page for page of search result.

ez rewriter sample

In the article that owns the keyword Ez rewriter is talking about best rewriter tools you can use for your blog especially for those who copy cat on other people content to escape Google anger lol.

Firstly, I went back to that article, to re edit it using that keyword by turning the keyword into an h2 tag (formally it was not on any tag) make sure when you turn any keyword on h2 tag write little stuff about it.

proven seo techniques

When you do so you are set to give it backlink (off page factor)

Step 3 – Using backlink blog commenting and anchor text

Though this style is like spamming peoples blog with an anchor text keyword. But there is way you can comment on people’s blog without it looking like a spam. Here is how by using different keywords related to that article as your name when you want to do blog commenting or backlink.

Anchor text are keyword text use for backlink it works faster than normal link you just paste elsewhere because Google focus more on the anchor text that has your link in it. You can call it hyperlink (a keyword that has a link of your blog inside it) this is how I make use of blog commenting to rank that keyword on first page.

Firstly, I head over to Google search and type in that keyword  Ez rewriter and I saw blogs ranking for that keyword and comment on them from first, second,  third, and fourth page using that link of that article as my website when ever you want to comment on those blogs. comment smartly

After doing these whole shit I waited for three weeks and started seeing result. Some may take months why some wont why I said so is this, if the keyword is competitive it will take months but if not it will take weeks. In SEO world patient is needed. Here is how to check keyword density using SEO quake

SEO quake

SEO quake is a free browser tool bar to check keyword density and difficulties, Google index, Alexa rank, bing index, domain age and social shares. I love this tool bar and I have been using it for a year now and it has been helping me. Owned by “SEMRUSH”. To get the tool bar click here and install it in your chrome and Mozilla browser.

In this image below you will see that Ez rewriter keyword density under the search box is 56.99 which is easy for me to rank but if it is 70% up it is not easy to rank only if you have quality backlinks.

proven seo techniques


After doing all this stress I went back to my webmaster tool and submit the article for Google to start indexing the article/site. Here is how you can do it.

Go straight to your webmaster tool >> Go to Crawl >>Click fetch as Google>> Submit your URL and click fetch (desktop and Smartphone)https://www.seoquake.com/index.html

Note: Always fetch as google every 3 days to make google craw your site always


You have to be doing this every single time in your articles. That is why they say SEO is not easy but when done perfectly, you will smile. so i have fulfilled my promise to give you this seo techniques

My hands are paining me I hope I have given you one of my proven seo techniques that works for me

Make sure you share this on social media and comment on this if not my time and strength will be a waste.

About Chibueze Damian

I am Chibueze Damian the founder of Loudtips. I share useful information with passionate people to finding confiding resources in their online marketing/blog

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  1. Some people will not understand the importance of this secret you just shared but I believe anyone that know about SEO well will understand more. Am off to put it into work. The most important thing I learnt today is how to check Keyword position in search results. Some of my Keywords are on the 2 page and still moving up with speed.

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    I am on the Blogger platform and have been struggling to correctly set up h1 and h2 tags correctly in my template. I saw several confusing tutorials online which haven’t helped after all.

    Seeing it here again, I didn’t understand the part where you talked about it. I seriously need help.

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    after which, i will blast the link on Google plus and twitter (Not Facebook)..and then watch the magic happen on few days if not hours….

    For SEO QUAKE, it helps me with a brief overview of the possible competition i’m going to face before even writing my content…..

    Thanks for sharing this awesome piece Samuel
    Looking forward to see you at the top of the Nigerian SEO industry..

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        So if you have all the time to share links on FB, it’s still cool..

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