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Jumia affiliate program

How to Make Money Using Jumia Affiliate Program

It is a fact that Jumia affiliate is the most popular brand in the ecommerce industry in Nigeria. Recently they have decided to step up their game with affiliate marketing by giving out up to 11% commission to affiliate marketers. They have also upgraded their affiliate marketing software and also opened their hands to accept more affiliates. Now you don’t need a website to enjoy from this.

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How to get buyers to buy from jumia affiliate program

It is a clear fact that over 50% of Nigerians who make use of the internet shop on Jumia.  An experiment has shown that it’s much easier to sell phones online. It’s a fact that Jumia sell fashion products with high profit margin.

It is also true that you earn more when you sell fashion products. My research and surveys confirms that watches sells more online more than other fashion products. Some days ago I was informed by a successful Jumia affiliate marketer that televisions are part of the top selling products on Jumia.

Jumia have a big connection with Infinix and Injoo to be their major distributor in Nigeria, hence their phones are much discounted on Jumia with the option of pay on delivery and free delivery

Meet them one on one

Your father or friend may decide to buy a brand new television for your family or his/her family or anything sold on Jumia, you are expected to take advantage of it. Jumia is the king in Nigerian eCommerce industry. You don’t need start with getting them new buyers; all you need to do is convert their old buyers to your own customers.

You do this by convincing him with discounts and special rates they can get a particular item in Jumia, telling them that you now work for Jumia and you are there to help him get products on Jumia at the best price he can’t get.

Also tell him that with you that he will get discounts from Jumia. Here it’s your duty to give them latest price update on their favorite product. You are to turn yourself into the Jumia they can see and talk to.

A lot of mobile phone dealers do buy Infinix and injoo phones in bulk from Jumia while others don’t know where they can get it at discounted rates. Don’t be afraid to meet them even the local ones. Tell them they can pay on delivery. Encourage them to make their first order with you even if it’s one piece of phone from there he will tell his friends who are big dealers about you. Anyway phones are not the only thing you can sell online. There are a lot of other products on their website; feel free to go through them and find what best suits you.

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Social networks

Nigerians who shop on Jumia makes use of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Jumia advertises on these social networks. I am not asking you to go and spam these social networks with your affiliate link; doing that will generate some sale but you will be flagged as a spammer and your account will get banned.

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Facebook strategy

Get a product with its description explain what will convince you the affiliate marketer to purchase the product. Make it short and simple. Get the product image from Jumia or Google or manufacturer’s website. Generate a deep link to the product from your Jumia affiliate dashboard.

Visit goo.gl to shorten and track it. Write a status on your time line or Facebook page clearly about the product. Use hash tag #Jumia #Infinix (product brand) #Nigeria #Lagos, attach the product image and publish.

If you are on mobile phone click the share button below the published post add share it on Facebook groups dominated with Nigerians. If you are on PC do right click on the time of the post you published and click copy link location and paste the link on Facebook groups. This system will protect your account from being banned. Another secret is publishing and share products regularly, this will make people to trust you and the affiliate clicks coming and more money flowing in.

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Twitter Strategy

First of all set you profile and your profile picture and description in a way that when somebody checks on you he will be convinced that this is certified Jumia affiliate. Follow those that that follow Jumia, Konga, Dealdey and others. Because 90% percent of them shop online.

Your tweet should be short simple and straight to the point. Tweet as much as possible in a day, up to 100 times within an interval of 10 to 30 min depending on your ability. Make use of hash tags like #Nigeria #Jumia and most importantly trending hash tags. On twitter you can schedule tweets with twitter deck a Google chrome app.

Instagram Strategy

 Instagram looks more critical because you don’t share links but images.  If you are a creative writer and play your game very well this is where you will catch more fishes because a lot of people buy from who they meet on Instagram. On Instagram there is no limit to the number of words or hash tag to use but if you make use of excess hash tag then your post will look messy and unfriendly. On Instagram for your post to go viral you use hash tag. Before you publish a product image and description set up your Instagram account add your phone number and affiliate link on your profile details. Your profile should speak that you are part of Jumia. While writing your profile details mention that the product link is in your bio. It is also a good tactics to follow people who follow Jumia on Instagram.

Using a website or a blog

Get yourself a website or a blog; write about the products you found on Jumia. Make use of images that best describe the product. Write a post and apply this few tricks. The title of the post must have price in Nigeria associated to the title and must be mentioned 3 times in the post.

Always blend in Nigeria, buy, and Shop now in the title of your post and repeat it in your post body over 3 times. Don’t put link in these words you are to blend in your post. Apply all the ingredients of SEO. You must have an email subscription form on your site.  You must hire a professional web designer and SEO specialist to guide and design a website that is capable of converting visitors into customers. you can hire me if you want.

Advanced tricks

You can share your commission to you customers, there for making them trust you more. You do these buy telling them that as soon as they picked up the product that you will give them 1% discount out of your commission. You can re brand your office and put Jumia affiliate banner in front of your shop. The way you talk to people on phone, mind you that some will be calling for consultation.

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I guarantee you that these processes if followed perfectly can earn you #500,000 in month. Please share this post

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