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seo tips to improve your rankings

Killer SEO tips that will improve your rankings in no time

SEO and website rankings are related in so many ways. Without proper SEO techniques, you’ll find that your website ranking won’t move up in popular search engines.

Best seo tips to improve your rankings

If you’re looking to improve your SEO efforts but you’re unsure as to where to begin, here’s some expert tips on how you can improve your SEO efforts so that you can start to see changes in your website’s ranking. Let’s get started.

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Remove duplicate content

One of the first major things that should be taken into consideration is removing all duplicate content. Duplicate content can really hurt your SEO efforts and can really affect your website ranking. The reason for this is because when duplicate content is seen on multiple websites, Google has a problem determining which website will give more value to their visitors. Generally, Google will rank these websites lower. This is why it’s important to check for duplicate content and remove it as soon as possible. Copyscape is a great duplication checker that can help identify the areas of duplication that are on your website.


Seo ranking tool

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Write quality content

The next thing that can help improve your SEO efforts in a short amount of time is by improving your content and its quality. Quality content is key to not only bringing in more visitors, but to also improving your website rankings. When creating quality content there’s a few different rules to follow. These include:

As suggested above, don’t copy/paste or have duplicate content on your website.

Write a catchy headline that will draw your attention. ‘Killer SEO Tips That Will Improve Your Rankings In No Time’ is more intriguing than ‘Best SEO Tips For Websites’

Balance out the look of your content using subheadings, bullet points, and paragraphing. This will help to even out the white space while giving your readers eyes a rest. Reading blocks of large text isn’t appealing for your readers.

Always use proper grammar, spelling and check for mistakes throughout your content. Content with minimal mistakes shows you’re a professional website that readers will take more seriously.

Use high quality images to compliment your post. The images should be free to use. Pixabay and ShutterStock are some of the websites that offer copyright free images.

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By taking the time to improve the quality of your content you’ll start to see better ranking positions as Google will take you more seriously. It also helps your rankings when you see more and more visitors entering your site.

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Fix broken links

Broken links can be a major problem when trying to implement SEO efforts. Broken links can be seen as 404 errors or other types of error. To check and see if you have broken links on your website, simply search for a broken link checker online that can check your website. By removing or fixing any broken links it can help to improve your SEO, thus your website rankings along with it. Broken links can occur for a number of reasons, some include:

A deleted page.

The page directory has changed

There’s a loading error with the page.

Broken links are quick and easy to find when using the right tool. You may be surprised at how many broken links your website has.

Generate more strong backlinks

Backlinks are links that have been posted on authority sites that link back to your website. The more links that areSEO linked back to your website, the better the chance your website has at ranking higher in search engines. The way to gain backlinks back to your website is by approaching other websites in your industry niche and asking whether they’d be open to a guest post opportunity and whether you can attach one link in the article.

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When writing your blog for another website, it’s important to keep in mind that you need to not only make it a quality post, but it must be relevant to what their website is about. While you may have written a great article, the website may still reject it. While gaining backlinks is hard, it’s still a great way to improve your website ranking and SEO efforts.

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Improve Website Speed

The website speed can also affect your rankings. Did you know that if a website isn’t loaded in 3 seconds that visitors will leave. This will increase your bounce rate which can affect how Google ranks you. It’s important to speed up your website. Some ways to speed up your website include:

Removing non-essential images or graphics that are slowing up the loading process.

Removing pages that are no longer needed including broken links.

Keep the website design simple.

Use a hosting plan that offers faster loading speeds for the amount of pages that you’ve got.

Enable compression of files when downloading.

These are just some of the many ways that you can improve your website speed. Remember you only have a few seconds to get your visitors attention, make it count otherwise you might not get a second chance.

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When wanting to speed up your website, there’s a few things that you can do to help you get started. By taking the time to understand the different SEO techniques to improve your rankings you can start implementing them today. So are you ready to try these tips?

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