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How to get a job when you are unemployed

In this article I want to discuss about a very important topic. Which i know millions of people are passing through “HOW TO GET A JOB WHEN YOU ARE UNEMPLOYED”.

This is personal because, I have been in my life when I was unemployed. So I know what it feels like when you have no job after leaving school for an industrial training. It was hard for me when I was searching for a job. it was like the whole world was turning down to me.

I also have friends who got kicked out from work and I know how they pass through hell. You readings this article, I think this is really important for you, because you need to know.

If you are in this position right now, unemployed as a student or push out of your current job you should read this. Like I said I have been in this position for 1 year after leaving school for my industrial training which I have a job right now after doing these tips below. I know it is sad when you are kicked out of your dream work e.g. banker, doctor, manager e.g.  This is for you below too.



As sad as it is, the reality is that we are define by work, we are define by what we do every day. What we do every day and every week defines who we are. So the most important thing to for you to understand allowing your work to  define you.

When you are in this stage understand that it will pass. Because the most important thing to do right now is to keep moving, get out of your home. It is very important to start your routine.

When you are out of work or have no job, we have this attitude of getting stuck of being at home and pretending we are searching for a job, flipping to Facebook or any social network looking for a job. The truth is you are not actually doing productive work and you don’t have a routine.

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When you are unemployed the first thing to do is to start your routine like you are doing a job e.g. “your job right now is getting a job or creating a business. Meaning, when I left school to look for a job for my industrial training for a year which I was not employed I used a year for my business development stage than staying idle.

I was training myself on a business (blogging) even when I was unemployed. So you can choose any of the options “your job is to look for a job” or “you can start a business I call business development stage”. Treat yourself as a job.

Don’t feel sorry for yourself like “I have no job my mate are getting better and you start feeling bad” don’t do that instead, your work is to work from Monday to Friday to find a job. Getting out of your home than staying back. You can go anywhere either a restaurant or places where people are. which you have to present yourself as a human being instead of being jobless at home and cry all week.


Routine is very important because it build us up as people. Most people complain there is no job but there is job everywhere because you don’t go out. I know it will not be easy but do your best to hustle for a job. I want you to know that many people respect hustle especially entrepreneurs.

If you think working for a big co-operation, you might get employed or shut-down because everyone there is just pushing papers from one table to another. But if you apply for where your hustle is needed you will get employed. So start your routine with immediate effect.

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It is very important to keep your body on shape and emotion by doing daily exercise. You have to keep moving, because if you are not on shape or strong you can’t start your routine. I do this when I was unemployed I go to the gym center to be fit. So remember this HEALTH IS WEALTH.


Talk to people, suspend time with friends that really look you up. If you are with people who discourage you, that’s great. Now you will find out those people are not your friends so stay away from them and look for friends that are reasonable and friends who have the same vision with you. By interacting with them you will get ideas on the next step to take.

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Within your unemployed series, this is a chance you have been giving to learn and grow and become a better person. Being unemployed or fired, don’t take it has the greatest problem of your life but take it has the greatest time to learn and grow and be a better person.

It is a chance to move to the next level going to higher job better than the job you got kicked out from. How to learn and grow is to observe information that can excel you by reading motivational books on your situation or you go out and learn something new.

Don’t just stay home because a job can’t come to your door and knock. But you go out and observe information to grow. See unemployment as a job for career development.

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Take these advice above, because I escaped unemployment by doing these things. I remember when I looked down on myself that I am not making it my friends are making it. But doing all these loud tips above got me a job and not only that I am the boss of my job.

Don’t look down on yourself, you have to hustle because the greatest men and women in this world they hustle to be what they are today.

Don’t be this kind of person whenever you go to Facebook and you see your friends looking good and you talk to yourself I am suck am not making it,  my advice for you is this NOT EVERYTHING THAT GLITTERS ARE GOLD”. YOU YOURSELF IS RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR LIFE.

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