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How to Get High Quality Backlink from Nairaland Forum to Improve SEO

How to Get High Quality Backlink from Nairaland Forum to Improve SEO

Hello guys I believe by now, you would have been enjoying my seo secret I gave out two days back. If you’ve not gone through it; it’s not too late to go through it now.

In summary of my last post, I showed how you can use Google webmaster tool to optimize your articles to rank on Google first page using your queries (keywords) and how to use blog commenting to boost your keyword to rank first page.

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In this tutorial I will be discussing broadly about link juice by opening a secrete most bloggers in Nigeria use to get high quality backlinks from Number one Nigeria forum that has over millions of members.

About Nairaland forum

Nairaland is the largest forum that you can see online with over millions of members of different categories in Nigeria. Nairaland is one of the best Discussion forums I recommended on a post among great forums you can use to grow your blog.

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Nairaland is an online community created by Seun Osewa in March 2005. It is targeted at Nigerians. Nairaland currently has over 1,760,000 registered accounts (March 2017), and is ranked as the 7th most visited site in Nigeria (and the most visited indigenous site) according to

In Nairaland there are different categories of niches you can involve yourself with. It depends on your choice, even if you want to involve yourself in all niche, you got no problem. If you have not started using Nairaland you should start now to gain these free offers from there.

  • Dofollow backlinks
  • Traffic
  • Grow your brand
  • Learn new stuffs
  • Meet people in your niche
  • Get latest trending information

Before I start showing you how you can get high quality backlink, from Nairaland I want you to understand what links are and how it affects your ranking negative and positive. Here are the three categories of links I will be sharing to us.

  • Link juice
  • Dofollow links from external and internal source
  • Nofollow links from external and internal source

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What is link juice?

In my own terms, I understand link juice as an SEO term that refers to the authority passed to a site through links from external or internal sources. There are so many ways you earn authority links from the web which will be discussed below using Nairaland as a scape goat LOL. You can earn this links from guest posting, forums and social media.

In summary, links that passes from one site to other is the link juice, and this link juice differs in its authority depending on the sites linking to you.

What is Dofollow Backlink?

I know you would have been seeing some text by people saying I need Dofollow links on comments, social media or forums but you don’t know what dofollow links is all about. Dofollow links allow all search engines like Google, Bing and yandex to follow them and reach our website by giving us a backlink and a link juice.

Example of Dofollow Link

<a href=””>site</a>

Note this, by default in blogs, all the hyperlinks are Dofollow. So, you don’t need to do anything to make a link do-follow. But for forum like Nairaland it’s also Dofollow but to make it effective and boost your ranking on a keyword you will make use of an anchor text.

Anchor texts are text that has a link just like hyperlink so that when search engine bots crawl external source who are linking back to your site they will rank you with that text that has that link,

Pro tip: Don’t use one keyword in your anchor text but use different keyword so that you won’t rank for a single keyword but it all depends on how competitive the keyword may be.

What is Nofollow Backlink?

Nofollow links attributes that do not allow search engine bots to follow the link. That means if the website owner is linking back to you with Nofollow attributes, it does not pass any authority or you can say it does not pass any “link juice”. So, there is no hope for ranking for that particular keyword.

Example of Nofollow

<a href=”” rel=”nofollow”>site</a>

I believe you have gotten 100% understanding about link juice, Dofollow and Nofollow so that you can know what to do if you want to start building your links.

Note: make sure you get more Dofollow than Nofollow through commenting, guest post and forums.

I know you will be thinking how can I know if a website gives Dofollow or Nofollow, don’t worry I will show you how below.

I don’t want you to this mistake I did when I started my link building campaign though, I never knew about Dofollow links and Nofollow but knew link juice.

I was thinking ones someone links back to my blog and people click, it will start affecting my site for ranking. But never knew you can rank even if people don’t click it because when Google crawls those site that has your link, it will give you are link juice only if it is Dofollow but for Nofollow hell no.

When learning SEO you have to be conscious of links you want to get. Here is how below you can know if a site gives dofollow links and Nofollow links,

When you visit a site, open a page where articles are written look for anchor text that has a link pointing out to another website and right click your mouse and click view page source.

It will take you to the next page to see the html of the page then press control F and text in that anchor text that as a link pointing out to another source to locate if it is Nofollow or Dofollow.

How to get quality links from Nigeria number one forum

Here is a pro tip to help you my readers. When getting backlink focus on getting backlink to your homepage, so that your home page will be passing that link juice to other pages of your site to get Domain authority.

Let’s get started

If you have not signup to become a member on Nairaland you better do so now. But if you are a member already you can continue with me.

Like I said earlier on my Facebook timeline not every page on Nairaland are equal but do you know the page that can boost your ranking?

Hey guys it’s a secret keep it to your self don’t tell anyone.

To get high quality backlink from Nairaland forum is from NAIRALAND HOMEPAGE because over thousands of blogs are linking back to the home page as a source of information especially news, entertainment, music, parenting niche.

Let’s say 70% are linking back to the homepage with Dofollow and 30% linking back to it with Nofollow, because of the high percentage of Dofollow, Nairaland is an authority site because of its links Nigerian bloggers are giving back to the homepage. Here is how they are giving back to it

Like I said earlier Nairaland is a place where you can get latest news happening in the country or worldwide and other info. Popular blogs like lindaikeji, naijaloded, Bella naija, yabaleft online, gossip mill and other blogs get information from their and link back to Nairaland forum telling their readers this update came from this source= Nairaland.

And also over 100 of Nigeria news/entertainment blogs, tutorial blogs, parenting blogs, other forums are linking back to this Nigeria forum with high % of Dofollow and little percentage of Nofollow.

On my research Nairaland has many hundreds of Dofollow linking back to it. If you don’t believe me here is an experiment

Publish a post on your blog and republish it on Nairaland with the same title you will see when you search your post on search engine Nairaland will be above you. Do you know its because of its authority other online blogs are giving back to it.

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Take advantage of Nairaland front page

It’s simple you don’t need too much time or strength to this. All you need to do is to comment wisely then link back to your blog with the use of any choice of keyword as an anchor text.

But this technique will favor news/entertainment, free browsing and gossip niche because their niche are always on front page you can check it yourself if you doubt me. i have tried this with my entertainment blog.

but for niche like mine don’t do this technique because posting links that does not relate to what that page is talking about will result to spamming. and their is a penalty for that.

When you see any post on front page that you have interest on please go through it before commenting because if you don’t, and comment wrongly Google will know you are spamming and it will result to punishment.

And another thing is this; don’t forget to use your keyword as an anchor text because most bloggers just paste their link ordinary. If you are doing so I will let you know that, by posting link ordinary without anchor text will not help.

The reason why I said so is this: when search engine bots crawl the front page because of the backlinks the front page get, it won’t understand what those ordinary links the front page is linking to because you have no anchor text. But definitely you will get traffic back to your blog from people.

How to post text link on Nairaland forum

Step 1> go to Nairaland homepage and choose any article that have more comment

Step 2> click to reply and drop a link with an anchor text but mind you, reply smartly don’t just reply what people always say “nice one or very good” and drop a link carelessly. You will get penalized by search engine for doing that.

All you have to do is navigate  reply section as usual and follow below step when you want to create a text link

[url=Ur link] your text [/url] see bellow example

[url=]proven seo techniques[/url]

result will. be>>>> proven seo techniques


I believe you have gotten an idea on how to start your link campaign because is a major ranking technique to boost your ranking and get domain authority.

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