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My Site Is Not Getting Index By Google – Base on logistics Here Is How to Fix It

Whenever we create a website or a blog for any kind of business, the most important thing we all want is to make sure people find it. That is the truth and the only way to make people find you is through search engines and other factors.

Before your blog or website start displaying on search engine like Google, you have to make sure Google bot crawls and index your website or blog. Google is a big deal so you need to find your site in there.

Before I proceed to show you why your site is not getting index and how to fix it, I will like to explain what Google bot, crawl and index is all about because it is important you know the primary before heading to the secondary.

What is Google bot, Crawl and Index?

  • Google bot is the search bot software that we can’t see or you can say invisible search software, sent out by Google to collect information on the web to add to Google’s searchable index.
  • Crawling is the process whereby Google’s bot moves around from website to another to find new information and updated info to report back to Google.
  • Indexing is the process whereby information’s from one site to another are gathered by Google bot from its crawling process from link to link.

In this article I am going to share with you why your site is not getting index and how to fix it. Because, if you don’t fix this you will be losing a lot of opportunities online.

Why your site is not getting index by google

Here are five reasons why your site is not getting index by google and solutions to get your site index fast

You have not submitted your sitemap to Google search console

When you create a blog or a website, the first thing to do is to create a sitemap using SEO by yoast wordpress plugin to create your site map and submit it to Google console (Google webmaster tool) to alert Google about your site.

Most of us fail to do this that’s why you are not getting any traffic from Google or Bing. To fix this first step is to create your sitemap using SEO by yoast plugin for wordpress users why for BlogSpot users use online generator sitemap and submit your site map to Google search console.

Here is a tutorial that will teach you how to create your sitemap and step by step guide on how to submit it to Google console (Google webmaster tool).

When you go through the tutorial which is the first step then come back to here to learn other steps to boost your index.

You don’t comment on other blogs

Blog commenting is one of the greatest way to get your site index fast and get quality backlink. Most of us don’t have the time to comment when you go through other blogs but do you know if you don’t comment on other blogs you are losing backlinks and traffic. Here is how

We all know Google gives attention to backlinks pointing to our site and when they see you have backlink from quality site it tells them your site needs to be index.

Here is a pro tip comment on blogs and forums that are popular because Google recognize them and always crawl on them so when they see your link in that popular site, the bot go through that link to start crawling your site to get indexed. So to fix this issue is to start implementing blog commenting as much as possible from popular websites.

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Using to the wrong webhosting for your blog.

Sometimes you have webhosting down times. If Google bot can’t access your website, they won’t index it. This is obvious enough, but why does it happen? Check your connectivity. If your webhost has frequent outage, it could be that the site isn’t getting crawled. To fix this issue is this, it’s high time to purchase a new host for your site to get index. For wordpress users I recommend bluehost they offer hosting s low as 3.95$ monthly

Note: You can grab Bluehost for 65$ a year here is how.

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Your site speed is low

Google hates site that loads slowly. And when they come to your site and they find out your site load time is very slow they won’t bother to crawl your site talk less of index. That’s why I recommended bluehost for site speed.

You don’t implement fetch as Google in Google console

Some of us think when you have submitted your sitemap to Google search console; you think you are done with search console. No you aint done; though submitting your sitemap will make your site get notice by Google which is the first step. But if you want your articles on your site to get index fast in few hours you have to submit those articles url to Google so that it will be knocking at Google’s door telling them this article needs to be index. Here below is how to submit all your articles to get index.

Login to your Google console dashboard> by the left go to crawl and click fetch as Google and submit your articles URL and click fetch and click request index.


Another easy way to submit your URL to get fast result, go to Google submit URL and drop all your url. This is the fastest way to get all your articles in your site including your home page to get index fast in few hours.

google index


When your site gets index you will start seeing traffic from search engines. This says that indexing is the key to SEO

We love comment share with us what another reason that can affect website index. Don’t forget to share this article on social media.

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  1. I’ve been your loyal follower on Facebook and I must say this is another dope blog post for marketers. This is my first visit and I kept having the feeling that say “you’ve been here severally”. Thanks, I really appreciate…

  2. this article is really helpful i have implement it and its working for my blog i am now gaining more visitors. my indexing is now fast thank you for this article. keep the good work going.

  3. Nice article but somebody once told me that using fetch as google can make google penalize u. I don’t know how true this is.

    And again, for some people immediately after publishing there post they just sit and and within minutes google index their posts without them manually indexing the post. I wilp be happy if u can give a detailed info on how I can make that work on my blog. And please don’t tell me good contents because I have that. Just spill the beans on optimizing my blog/posts

    • You are right once your domain has authority ur site will always be index because of the links ur site is getting. but as for fectch as google i dont know of it penalising.

  4. I have followed this step on my blog but still no result. although am getting up to 1k views from Facebook only daily.. I am thinking the fault is from my template or what do you think sir?

    • There must be a result . This is how to know, type in any title of any article on google search if it comes up then ur site is getting index. To get traffic u need yo start building links. You can check this proven seo techniques your boost ur ranking https://goo.gl/fhynFN

  5. Thanks very much Bro, I have been looking for ways to solve this problem in my blog, in fact my site maps don’t get updated automatically and it always tell me about a broken link which I can’t figure out a way to solve it

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