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How to get 1,669 people look at your blog in 1 day


I got 1,669 page views on this blog months back for a day when I publish an inspiring article of 15 powerful bloggers you should learn from to grow your online business. I will discuss the tricks on how I did it below.


Before i wrote the article I Googled for headlines to use, and pitch out my focus keyword of inspiring bloggers and 80 % keyword were on influential bloggers so I used different focus keyword to rank.

I thought of a powerful headline for the article which is very important. If your headline is not attracting, people won’t click to find out what you wrote. This headline brought organic traffic from Google to my blog.


The feature image used in this article was marvelous. Attracting image is important just same as headline. If they are not you won’t get clicks that much.

How to get 1,669 people look at your blog in 1 day


I wrote an inspired article on September (7) 15 powerful bloggers you should learn from to grow your online business. When I thought of this article I found out it will make other bloggers grow their online business and also inspired them to wish they are on the list. Which most of them dropped a comment that they wish to be in the list.

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Awareness/give away

Before publishing the post a day before, I upload the feature image with a blur look and later a clear look on my social network and ask people to guess what is coming up.

Also gave an opportunity for people to list all names in the image and if they did they will win a price but fortunately none did but they were anxious to see what is coming up.

Featured other bloggers

I included the names of these powerful blogger. Since they were blogging before me and they would have large sum of social media followers to share this article.


After publishing the article on Septembe10, I notified the powerful bloggers on that list that they were featured in an article I published. I ask all I notified to share it on their social media pages and also retweet the article for me which few did why some in my country snubbed me.

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But those who did, shared, stumbled and retweet the article. Even my readers and other readers following these bloggers on social media also retweet and share without asking them to do so.

social media

I shared the article to my social media pages Facebook, Googe+, twitter, stumbleupon which gave me views

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Check out this focus shot. You can see the score in 1 day and also still receive more views on that post.


Final say

When I was writing this article about these powerful bloggers to learn from, was not focus on getting this page views but was focus on thanking these bloggers who has inspired me with their skills since my 7 months of blogging.

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Now I got this view in 1 day and still getting more, I decide to share you the tricks I used without noticing it will move this way.

If you know you have any other trick to grow your blog views a day. we love comments

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