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How to Drive an Avalanche of Blog Traffic through Twitter

How to Drive an Avalanche of Blog Traffic through Twitter

A top level marketing blogger referenced me in one of his recent posts. He noted how I was a blogger to follow on Twitter because people actually click on my tweets and retweets, driving traffic to his blog. He saw a remarkable increase in blog traffic courtesy of my frequent retweeting.

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I see a high volume of blog traffic to Blogging From Paradise through Twitter. After spending time building an engaged, 50,000 follower Twitter base I can say that Twitter is one of my top referring sites.

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Bitter on Twitter

Most bloggers are stymied as to how to approach Twitter. More folks are entirely confused about how to drive traffic through the network. An increasing number of bloggers just don’t get Twitter and write off the site, totally screwing themselves out of an increasing volume of blog traffic. Don’t be bitter on Twitter. Learn it better. Cash in on the juicy, sugary benefits of properly using the site.

Benefits of Using Twitter

I enjoy tweeting because the microblogging platform is an easy to use, even easier to understand marketing tool. Anybody can engage via @replies. Anybody can tap a Retweet button. Combine this ease of use with the high number of engaged followers you can attract quickly and you have the foundation for building a healthy slew of blog traffic through the site.

Twitter is one of the ultimate traffic driving tools for newbie or struggling bloggers because you can make things happen on the network, pronto. No heavy barriers to entry for news unlike the paid advertising deal on Facebook or the more professional-influenced vibe over on LinkedIn.

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How to Drive Blog Traffic through Twitter

Follow these 5 tips to drive steady blog traffic through Twitter.

Engage Every Day

Engagement is the secret ingredient most blogging Tweeters miss when developing a recipe for increased blog traffic. I struggled horribly when I tried to tweet *at* followers. Nobody likes to be objectified.

When I regularly engaged via @replies I drove more traffic through my blog. Followers figured out I was not a bot. No longer a Terminator-like cyborg in their eyes. Spend 10 to 20 minutes daily responding to followers who retweet your content. Build friendships. Gain trust. Boost your blog traffic.

This is the easiest tip to follow because anybody can tap a button and type a few words. Be persistent. Be consistent. Be engaging. Be a human. Build up your traffic avalanche one engagement at a time.

Tweet on Topic

Tweet on topic to become a known commodity within your blogging niche. If Tweeters know what to expect from your Twitter stream you will attract return readers and boost your blog traffic. Don’t tweet anything under the sun. Publish 70% or more of your tweets on topic.

Example; I would mostly tweet blogging or travel themed tweets to stay on topic and to develop authority through my Twitter account. It’s OK to tweet out varied interests here or there but staying on topic establishes your expertise and boosts your blog traffic.  Appeal to your target blog reader. Don’t stray much from your blogging niche.

Build an Enticing Bio

I note how I appeared on sites like Virgin, Forbes, Entrepreneur and Fox News via my Twitter bio. I also stress the chief benefit of visiting my blog. Many folks would not mind retiring to a life of island hopping so getting prying eyeballs on my profile bio leads to increased link clicks and a rise in blog traffic.

Stress the benefits of following you and reading your tweets. Give users a compelling reason to sift through tweets and click on the links.

Think short and punchy. You have a limited number of characters to work with. Make the greatest impact by thinking through how you can best help your followers.

Enticing Twitter biographies pique your follower’s interest. Interesting tweeters tend to generate a high volume of traffic through the platform.

Use Tools to Tweet Evergreen Content

Use tools to tweet old but valuable, helpful posts to boost your blog traffic through Twitter. I use the Revive Social plug in to drive steady traffic to my blog with evergreen content. Whatever tool you choose to use make sure the content is timely, valuable and evergreen in nature. Make your old content work for you.

Too many bloggers completely forget the older but still helpful content they published from months or years ago. Tap into your blogging knowledge base. Tweet evergreen content to give your followers valuable resources and to boost your blog traffic through the microblogging platform.

Retweet other Bloggers Aggressively

Retweet other bloggers freely to drive traffic to your blog. How it works: you retweet a slew of bloggers from your niche. Friendships develop. Friends gladly retweet your blog posts. One hand washes the other. You scratched a few backs; your buddies scratch your back. I attract 50 to 100 retweets a day by retweeting top bloggers from my niche.

Join sites like Triberr and Just Retweet to find helpful, targeted content to retweet on auto pilot. Page through the main stream. Retweet content related to your niche.

As you generously Retweet other bloggers a steadily growing collection of bloggers will Retweet you. Let thy avalanche of blog traffic commence.

The Wrap Up

Avoid getting caught up in the “Wild West”, rapid fire aspect of Twitter.

Remember; you are tweeting for humans, not trying to squeeze traffic or profit out of avatars on a screen. Add a human, engaging element to your Twitter marketing campaign. Increase your blog traffic by seeing the platform as a connecting medium, not a broadcasting podium.

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Author Bio

Ryan Biddulph is a blogger, author and world traveler who has been featured on Richard Branson’s Virgin blog, Forbes, Fox News, Entrepreneur, Neil Patel Dot Com and John Chow Dot Com. He can help you retire to a life of island hopping through smart blogging at Blogging From Paradise.

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