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How to Know Your Domain Authority and Page Authority of Your Blog For The Purpose of SEO

You might be asking yourself or probably someone asked you “what is your (DA) Domain authority or (PA) Page authority”?

This is very common especially when you are looking for a backlink from an authority website.

Most of this SEO experts will never give you a backlink without knowing your DA and PA, this is why am sharing this tips.

It would help you to understand your DA and PA and how to check it for free.

What is DA in SEO?

DA is an acronym that stands for Domain Authority. DA of any website is used to refer to how relevance a particular website/domain is for a specific industry or niche.

Domain Authority is a metric designed from an SEO Software, Tools and Resources for better/simple marketing as a more accurate indication of the value of the site.

It scores ranging from one to 100 point logarithmic scales,

However, according to MOZ, it’s significantly very easier to grow your score from 20 t0 30 than it is to grow from 70 to 80 points.

The relevancy of this Domain Authority has a physical impact on its ranking by search engines, trying to access Domain Authority through automated analytic algorithms. Domain Authority is a scores Measure taken by MOZ.COM.

It is used by the above page to determine how well and relevance a particular website will rank in SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages) due to its connection and interlinking to other sites.

It’s a core practice; every blogger is looking for to rank on first page of SERPs.

What is PA in SEO?

By now I guess you should have known what PA stand’s for after analyzing what DA stands for.

PA means Page Authority. Page Authority is the relevancy of individual pages of a website.

How Domain Authority and Page Authority can be measured.

Many free tools have been published online to measure your DA and PA.

Nevertheless, your DA and PA can be measured using a site Explorer, Moz SEO Tool (Firefox Plugin or Chrome Extension).

How Domain Authority and Page Authority is been calculated

Domain Authority and his brother can be calculated using the inbound links quality and authority score.

This can easily be determined by the fact that your domain is connected to quality websites/other domains.

This is to say that sites like Wikipedia or Google.com are at the top end of the domain authority scale because of a large number of high-quality external links.

Meanwhile, businesses or websites with fewer inbound links may have a much lower DA Scores partially ranging from 1 to 10.

Don’t be afraid when you see your website for the first time having DA score of one.

This is because brand new websites always start with a Domain Authority score from this level and you are not the only one.

How can you increase domain authority and page authority?

Since your Domain Authority and his brother is been calculated using the inbound links quality and authority score, to increase your Domain Authority, therefore, you have to seek for quality backlinks from authority sites.

Focus on getting backlinks.

But make sure you do not violate google links building policy.

How can I get Backlinks from authority sites?

You can get backlinks from authority sites through:

Blogs Comments

Is true 86% of blogs comment page links are do-follow. Always look for blogs in your niche to comment and leave your links in the comments section.

Don’t use this as an atmosphere to spam. Avoid using comments of this nature.

“Nice one.

Commenting from………….. (yourlink)”


“Thanks for sharing.

Read also:……(yourlink)”

Comment with high quality statements and make the comments look personal.

pro tip: always get backlink to your h0omepage. This fast way to increase your authority

Guess Posting

This is obvious; you need to guess post your way to gain online presence. Write quality articles and share on other blogs.

This will enable sites owners to deliver to you free backlinks thereby increasing your Domain Authority. Avoid copying from other blogs to guess post. Keep it real and write from your heart. What you know someone else may not know it. Definitely it will become relevant in a particular industry.

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Participate in forums.

Most of these forums are do-follow. Sign up and always share what you know on forums like CNET, NAIRALANDQUORA, WARRIOR FORUM, TED etc.

Remember not to use your link to spam the forum else you will be kicked out.

Contact Bloggers in your niche

One of most effective way to getting backlinks from authority sites is by Write Engaging articles for your blog and inform other bloggers in that niche the need to include your article in their posts.

Other bloggers need to be informed of the relevancy of your article before they can mention you in their articles.

This can be easily done with ease. Simply, you write your article with Good formatting, publish it.

Go to google.com and search for that very keywords you want to rank on for example “affiliate Marketing” you will see tons of people on top 10 ranking on that keywords. In other to rank well too, you need backlinks from them.

This is how to do it.

Look for the contact page on their website one after the other.

Send them a message using this format (optional).


I was looking for something related to my post and I stumble upon your blog post with a link (enter his link) is very informative, I must confess.

I left a comment there which is awaiting moderation.

I also have an article like that on my blog title…. with a link (your post Link)

It do be nice if you can add this to your article.

This will help your readers to… (add benefits)

Thanks for your cooperation


Intelligent right?

You can think of something more creative but be as detail as possible and make it short.

But if you do not want to do this i.e. visiting individual page through Google search result, you can also do the same thing by using adhref which will show you a particular post, other pages linking to it, their broken link and the rest. If you choose to use this technique only focus on do-follow broken links.

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Contact page admin and inform them about a broken link linking to their post and why they should replace it with yours. Broken links are very bad for SEO and users experience. Just try your best to prepare the tea to persuade their tastes. Use this for the first 10 people on that keyword. Then wait for at most two weeks to hear the report. Some will reply but some will not. Don’t worry continue searching that’s why SEO is not easy.

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Getting backlinks from authority sites isn’t so easy but you just have to keep on trying. Do not wake up in a day and expect your DA and PA to increase by 100% .It’s a gradual process. Focus on getting backlinks from authority sites.

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