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How To Create A Free Blog on Blogspot
How To Create A Free Blog on Blogspot 2017

How To Create A Free Blog on Blogspot 2017 Edition

These days blogs are turning into a must have for online entrepreneurs, writers, politicians and what not.

People use blogs because they are so easy to maintain and share ideas with everyone. Also, blogging has become as a job for many people since they are making a fortune from it.

Wouldn’t be the best job in the world sharing your ideas while traveling and getting paid for it?

If you are someone that has to share ideas with the world, knowledge, hobbies or even thinking to make a living by blogging and kicking your 9-5 job.

You have come to the right place.

I can guarantee you that this is the best guide to open a Blogspot blog.

Let’s dive into with some more techie stuff.

It’s true that these days exist many blogging platforms that it’s hard to choose from.

I would suggest for anyone that is new to blogging, first to create a blog on blogspot platform.

You may ask why?

  • It is the fastest and the simplest way to open a blog. You don’t have to be a geek or to wait hours.
  • Blogspot is a Google Product. Which means that you don’t have to take care of the speed of your website. The security of it. Also, it might have better results on search engines.
  • The last one but the most important. It’s free. You don’t have to pay a cent for that.

I would suggest for everyone that it’s just starting blogging to chose blogspot platform. It’s true that you won’t have much freedom like in WordPress. However, once you have some trusted readers. You see that your blog is going well. Moving to another platform it’s a great choice. I like blogspot because it allows you to move all of your entire site to any other blogging platform without losing nothing. To many great bloggers their first home was blogspot.

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Step by Step Guide To Create a BlogSpot blog

First, you should head over to Blogger.com official site. It will appear a photo like below.

How To Create A Free Blog on Blogspot

hen you should click to “Create Your Blog.”

You will have the option to choose with what Gmail account you want it to be open.

ads It will appear a pop-up like this.

Here you have the opportunity to choose the title and the address of your blog.

How To Create A Free Blog on Blogspot

For the Title I would suggest to leave something related to your blog. Ex. if you address will be travelingtoeurope.

The title should be “Traveling To Europe.”

Note:  Title also helps your site to be found on search engines easier for that term.

Reminder: Your address will have the suffix .blogspot.com since it’s in the free version.

Lately, blogspot has added new themes as you can see in the photo. However in this link you have +30 free responsive blogspot templates.

If this didn’t appear you can go there by this direct link.

If you have done all the steps correct. Your blog should be up and run now.

Here how’s mine is looking after I followed these steps.

How To Create A Free Blog on Blogspot

The administration place. Where you can edit your site, add new posts. Later on that

How To Create A Free Blog on Blogspot

Let’s Tweak Your Blog For Better Appearance

Now it would be easy for anyone to make it’s first post. First I would suggest creating some pages. Make some changes in the appearance.

Create an About Page

About page is essential for a prosper blog. It’s the best indicator for new readers to tell them who you are. What’s your blogging purpose.

This can be done by clicking to Pages > New Page

How To Create A Free Blog on Blogspot

Change The Design

Of course that the first look at your blog it’s not so fancy. With some little tweaks, we can make it better.

To make changes to your design you should head over to Layout.

There you have the possibility to add new gadgets like images, pages (The one we created “About”), calendar, contact form and the list goes on.

First, you choose the place where you want to add a gadget.

Here how it looks at my theme.

Reminder: These places may vary from theme to theme.

How To Create A Free Blog on Blogspot

At my case, I’ve just added Pages Gadget at my Sidebar.

How To Create A Free Blog on Blogspot

Change The Theme

If you do not feel comfortable with the themes that blogspot presented to you. You can freely change it.

Search on google for “free blog spot templates.” Download the one that fulfills your needs.

To install it. You should go to >Theme > Backup / Restore > Choose File

How To Create A Free Blog on Blogspot

I can talk all day for customization that you can make on Blogspot platform and still it wouldn’t be enough.

There are a lot of new things that I discover everyday in the platform. I would suggest you to familiarize with it, since it has a nice interface. Then you can craft your site as you want.

However, I couldn’t finish this post without telling you anything about Monetizing The Blog.

I mentioned earlier that blog spot is a product from Google. AdSense it’s also.

Blogspot platform it has an inside built feature where you can add your AdSense code to show your adds.

Also I want to mention that Google gives more priority to Blogspot blogs.

Before applying for Google AdSense. You should have some posts on your website. Some visitors that are a good indicator to AdSense team that this website is valid for ads.


Here’s How My Blog Looks

How To Create A Free Blog on Blogspot


I hope that this guide was helpful enough to make your first blog. If you have something unclear about the process, a step that I’ve missed.

Please do not hesitate to ask me down below in the comments. I would be grateful to help you.

Between a share on social medias would help me a lot. Maybe there’s a person that we could both help.

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