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How To Convert Your Personal Blog into a Don Business

How To Convert Your Personal Blog into a Don Business

Personal blog are the most popular blogs than blogs own by companies. The main truth why people are going into blogging is to make six figure income because they are reading and hearing bloggers making living online. Though some may say passion, but let me make this clear to you, blogging with passion and you are not making six figure income from it, you will be frustrated because you got bills to settle. 100% of personal blog today, their intent is to make money! Why can’t you do same?

I have been in this situation, I remember when I started blogging I was working under a movie Industry as a publisher on their blog and YouTube channel. But I never knew they are making money from their blog and YouTube channel. But I get paid 16$ (N8000) doing my job to publish for them 5 times in a week. It came to a time when I started thinking where are they making their money from to pay me, that is when I started making research.

After finding out how they make money from the blog and YouTube channel I always publish on, i quit the job because of some situation that was boiling up in the industry and started working on getting my own personal blog and a YouTube channel.

Now I own this blog and also running an entertainment YouTube channel that is fetching me money to pay my bills. To start making six figure income from blogging you have to work hard. If you are working soft, it’s high time you start rolling the ball hard and smart. But don’t worry with these step by step guide on this page, I will make it easy for you to start making six figure incomes every month. The favor I need from you is to pay attention to these steps and bookmark this page for future reference.

Identify Your Audience

If you check out why most popular bloggers keep on making six figure income through their blog every month is only one thing which is they know how to identify their audience.

When blogging and you can’t identify or know where your audience is and fail to know what they want, there will be a big problem from making money with your blog. It might be technical to know how to discover your audience but don’t worry here is a pro tip that will help you identify your audience.

  • Register To Forums/ Social media groups talking About Your Niche
  • Join social media groups related to your niche such as Google+ communities. You can find communities related to your niche also Facebook groups or pages.
  • Make sure you engage in every activities in both forums and social media

In these forums and social media communities, your audiences are right there. For example: How I build my audience using shoutmeloud forum owned by harsh agrawal.

  • I use my blog name as my display name
  • The forum is all about blogging, monetization, blog development, seo, webhosting which is related to what am blogging about
  • Whenever someone in that forum ask any question related to blog monetization, seo, wordpress and webhosting, I try my best to give him or her the best answer. And when I do, I get a feed back through the comment and started becoming popular.

With this guide you can do same and know your audience.

Applying Ads on Your personal Blog

This is one of the best ways to make passive income from blogging. They are great way to get started.

if you apply your ads the right way on your blog, you are ready to make six figure income monthly. When putting ads on your blog always remember this below.

Don’t bombastic your blog with ads because if you do, it will be annoying to your readers and it has the chance to increase your site bounce rate which is bad for SEO.

We have so many ads network you can apply and start making money from it e.g Adsense, propeller ads, info links, and media.net and so on. Looking for ads to start with, I highly recommend Adsense because it is the only ad platform that you can earn money richly.

Adsense is a popular platform use by so many personal blogs and companies’ blog. You get paid whenever someone click the ad and also get paid when the same person who clicked the ad create engagement after clicking it.

To make money from this platform is by putting the ads in the right place and generate traffic to your blog. Without traffic you can’t make money from Adsense. The only challenge to use this platform is you getting approved by Adsense team but don’t worry here is a guide on how to approve your Adsense account.

Step-by-Step Guide to Creating an Adsense Account

First, go to the Signup page for AdSense.


You will see an option to create a new Google account, or you can choose to use your existing Google account if only you have a gmail account.

Secondly, simply enter your website address and select the content language. For the website URL use your blog address, and make sure to add it without “http://”.

how to convert personal blog

Thirdly fill and submit your Adsense information

personal blog

Finally, click “Submit my application.” The Adsense team will review your application, and if all goes well, you will start placing ads on your blog.

Getting leads

What I meant by getting leads, am talking about email marketing. Email marketing is the best way to get visitors or readers back to your blog. With the use of email marketing, you capture visitor’s mail so that you can contact and send them your latest update or product. Implementing email marketing, you will have the chance to increase your traffic and make sales.

A blog that does not implement email marketing is ready to fail. I did this mistake when I started blogging I did not invest my time using email marketing because I thought it was not necessary but now I realize it is compulsory. With the use of email marketing you can achieve these

  • To get back visitors to your blog
  • To market your products.

Summary of how to capture visitors and readers mail

Make use of convertplug wordpress premium plugin which is not free but affordable to offer your readers an offer they cant throw their eyes away from. Note it must be free and organize e.g. eBooks of tactics or free stuffs to give them if they register. Ask for their mail in order to unlock and download that free eBook

Note: this procedure has helped so many bloggers like neilpatel, harsh agrawal. Jeff bullas, backlinko and so on to get large leads that’s why they are one of the richest bloggers we have today.

Join affiliate program

This is also a money making platform just like Adsense but functionality are different because in this platform you don’t earn money per click but you earn by referring someone to buy a product and when that product is bought you get a commission for that sale. But I must say this platform is the best but the only challenge you will have is convincing someone to buy from you and traffic. There are lots of affiliate programs e.g. commission junction, Amazon, bluehost, Namecheap and so on.

Pro tip: make sure the product you want to sell is related to your niches e.g. I run affiliate program on wp-plugins and wordpress themes and webhosting because that’s my niche. So if you are running an entertainment niche run product related to that.

For bloggers related to my niche here is a guide on how to run affiliate program on Namecheap.

How to join Namecheap affiliate program

Becoming a Namecheap affiliate is easy and absolutely free. All you have to do is to enable affiliates in your Namecheap account.

Signup to Namecheap account.

Sign into your Namecheap account.

Select Profile from the left sidebar and choose Tools from the sub-menu that will appear:
personal blog

Find the Business & Dev Tools section and click on Manage for Affiliate program

how to convert your personal blog into a don business

Toggle the button to the right to enable the feature. Enter your Namecheap account password into the pop-up window and click on Confirm. Then click Done:

how to convert your personal blog into a don business

Once the page refreshes, you will be provided with a unique affiliate ID and an affiliate link that should be used for users referral.

To refer users to specific pages, you just need to add an affiliate ID link in a anchor text to refer E.g. To refer users to our domain registration page, you need to add your affiliate ID inside a text.

Monetize your blog with your product/services

If you are expert in your field,you can offer services or products to your blog readers. There are many bloggers offering services or products to their readers and they are making money from it.


It’s also perfectly okay to use more than one of these monetization. In fact, you can use all the three at the same time. But make sure you promise yourself not to disturb your readers and visitors with it.

Later on you will discover which style work for you and style that is not working for you. Don’t be a lazy type because good things don’t come easy.

We love comment.

BOSS question. How do you convert your personal blog to six figure income blog?

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