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6 Challenges While Running an e-Store and How to Fix them

6 Challenges While Running an e-Store and How to Fix them

 The availability of a number of powerful and feature-rich eCommerce platforms like Magento has encouraged business owners/retailers/merchants to become a part of this highly competitive eCommerce industry to grow their businesses. The platform has a ton of in-built features, functionalities, extensions and templates that let you create beautiful and user-friendly online store from scratch.

However, due to a lot of discrepancies & challenges, e-retailers often struggle for their survival. There are a number of factors that challenge the existence of E-commerce websites and affect their business.

Challenges While Running an e-Store and How to Fix them

Today, we shall talk about the main difficulties faced by entrepreneurs while operating E-commerce websites and point out how to deal with them.

Trust issue

As a matter of fact, E-commerce business is run on trust between the seller and the buyer. In this age of frequent online scams, fraudulent activities and various online security issues, it is very difficult for a new E-commerce brand to win the trust of shoppers.


You should take all possible steps to make your E-commerce site a genuine in the eyes of online buyers such as –

  • Displaying the physical address and contact details of your company on the site,


  • Displaying product reviews,


  • Making your website safe for online transactions and


  • Sorting out the issues of your customers with high priority.

Volatile and complicated E-commerce SEO

In order to attract the potential web customers, it is important for an E-commerce website to appear up in search engine results. The problem is that most of the E-commerce website operators are not familiar with the rapidly changing tricks of E-commerce SEO. Generally, they assume that they can start receiving traffic by displaying thousands of products on their site. In reality, it doesn’t happen.


Search engines always look for the most relevant pages to display appropriate results against the user’s search terms. Therefore, you need to keep your E-commerce site up-to-date and optimize it with the latest tricks of SEO. Some useful tricks are-


  • Make your E-commerce website faster. Visitors love fast loading websites and tend to browse them for an extended period of time.


  • Ensure that your E-commerce website is responsive to various mobile devices. Google considers mobile responsive as an important factor while displaying websites or its pages in search results.


  • Use high-quality and unique content while optimizing your site. Never use the product’s description provided by the manufacturer.


  • Customize the default URLs and make them search engine friendly by using keywords and other relevant terms related to your E-commerce business.


  • Add the alt attributes whenever you use images to support the text content.


  • Use Google analytics to find out the shortcomings in your SEO efforts and the progress of your various digital marketing campaigns. Make necessary adjustments in your SEO as per the report.


  • Do active blogging, Guest blogging, link building, video marketing and SMO to increase your site’s ranking in search engine results and get more E-commerce business opportunities.


  • Capitalize the user-generated content to improve your SEO, contact with potential customers and maximize your E-commerce business.


  • Make sure there are no 404 pages on your website.

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Shopping cart abandonment

Shopping cart abandonment is a situation when a customer initiates the process to purchase his/her favorite products/services on an E-commerce website but leaves suddenly without completing the transaction. A high rate of shopping cart abandonment can damage your E-commerce business if you don’t tackle it with high priority.


There may be many reasons as to why users abandon shopping carts such as website usability issues, high shipping cost, a sudden change in mood, dubious practices applied by E-retailers to boost the sale, lack of multiple payment options, etc. To curb shopping cart abandonment effectively, take the following actions:

  • Get your website reviewed by an expert web designer and look for all possible website usability issues. Get them rectified once they come into your notice. If your website is easy to use, people may like to buy from you.


  • Conduct Email marketing campaigns and send reminder notifications (through newsletters) to buyers, urging them to complete the transaction whenever possible.


  • Keep the product shipping cost at a moderate level. High product shipping cost often discourages people from buying products online.


  • Add a chatbot to your website to help visitors in product buying process. Guide them as to how they can accomplish a transaction easily.


  • Add multiple payment options to your E-commerce website. It will help customers to pay for the products/services the way they are comfortable.

Problem in product delivery

Obtaining an acceptable performance in product delivery matters a lot in the E-commerce business. When customers place an order for products/services, they expect its delivery as soon as possible. In order to deliver the purchased products at the buyer’s address, most of the E-commerce website operators make needless haste. It often results in products getting damaged/lost during transportation, which causes them a great loss.


  • While taking orders from customers, display the exact time in which you can ensure timely and safe delivery of products to your customers.


  • Track product delivery agents for each and every order and ensure the returning of the products to your warehouse if they are not delivered to customers.


Fierce competition

There are many E-commerce brands all around the world. Some of them are big, some others are small. Several entrepreneurs are also joining the E-commerce business each year. So, there is a fierce competition among E-retailers to reach out the maximum number of buyers and sell their products/services 24*7. For this, they have to compete against each other, making it difficult for new/small scale entrepreneurs to run a lucrative E-commerce business.


The best way to grow your E-commerce business is that you should know your targeted customers and focus on how you can motivate them to buy from your site.

Widespread fraudulent activities

Different types of fraudulent activities are quite rampant in E-commerce world. It affects the business of all E-retailers badly. Cyber criminals, covetous customers, and other bully elements use a number of unfair practices to cheat E-commerce website operators and cause them a great damage.


  • Conduct security audits frequently and eliminate all security loopholes of your website. Attach an SSL certificate to your website to protect online transactions. Use the best quality anti-virus, updated software, Internet security technology to keep your site live 24*7.


  • While listing payment options, product’s manufacturers, business partners, etc, on your website, check their past records and make sure that they are not involved in any type of fraudulent activity.


  • When customers place an order for products and services, ask for the complete address of his residence (the place where the purchased products will be delivered), active contact numbers, Email id, area PIN code, etc. Harden your product replacement and money refund policy. If you are getting numerous orders from a person using the same credit/debit card, then be alert and ask him/her to prove his identity to avoid the possible use of stolen credit/debit cards.

Final Words

While running an E-commerce business, you face numerous challenges every day. Some prominent difficulties are highlighted above with remedies. Just follow those tips and operate your E-commerce site easily.

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