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How to Buy Cheap Web Hosting from Hostgator – 60% Off (special)

How to Buy Cheap Web Hosting from Hostgator – 60% Off (special)

Have you been searching for the best cheap web hosting service, Hostgator is one of the best wordpress hosting service you can rely on.

Hostgator has been powering so many millions of website and they are very good in taking good care of their customers. Their supports are 24/7 so you can contact them any time you need their help. If you are looking for a professional webhosting service for wordpress, Hostgator is among the best.

Why I love this webhosting service, they’re offering a free website migration. This means that if you’ve got your site with another web hosting provider and you wanted to migrate to Hostgator, They’ll do the migration for you completely free. Is this not amazing I recommend Hostgator.

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How to buy cheap web hosting from Hostgator

Their steps on purchasing their service are very smooth and easy for newbie to purchase their service. Just follow my step by step guide to purchase their service below.

First step > Go to Hostgator

Head to HostGator and click “Get Started Now” button.

cheap web hosting

Second step > Select a web hosting package of your choice

Here, you will be asked to choose your preferred web hosting plan. Please be noted the following points:

  • Hatchling: (host one domain)
  • Baby: (host multiple domains)
  • Business: (host multiple domains + SSL + Dedicated IP)

For starters you can choose the hatchling hosting plan but if you want multiple domain name you can for the baby or business hosting plan.


Third step > Enter your choice of domain name

Here you will be asked to choose a new domain name or put your old domain name.

  • Register a New Domain: register a new domain name.
  • I Already Own This Domain: use your current domain name (If you’ve one already).

But if you don’t have any domain then you are to register a new domain name. if you have a problem of choosing the right domain name this will help.

How to Buy Cheap Web Hosting from Hostgator – 60% Off (special)

Fourth step > choose your choice of Hosting plan

At this point, you will be asked to choose your Hosting plan and your preferred billing cycle. if you’re just starting up your online business it will be a good idea to go for 12 months plan.

If it’s okay to spend a little bit more, then it’s highly recommended to go for 36 months plan.

How to Buy Cheap Web Hosting from Hostgator – 60% Off (special)

Fifth step > Enter your Information

Make sure you put the right information so that you will not have problem. In order to sign up with HostGator, You will be requested to enter your billing information.

After putting the information, then scroll down.

Sixth step > Add additional service

In this stage you don’t need to worry for such additional services if you’re just starting up. there are free wordpress plugins to assist you for that. make sure you DESELECT ALL BOX.

Last step > Hostgator discount coupon

You have to make sure you use Coupon “FREEUPGRADE3” to get the maximum hosting discount of 60% off on the total payment. This discount will work better if only you choose to sign up for ONE, TWO or THREE years ahead. The discount coupon will give you a huge discount (Up to 60%) for these long billing cycles.

Sign up with HostGator for 60% discount ( COUPON= FREEUPGRADE3)


I hope that you find this guide helpful. I made my best to expand each step in details. If you need any further assistance, please reach out to me in the comments box section below. I would love to help you further. don’t forget to share this tutorial to your various social networks.

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