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Best Tools for Running Your Startup Anywhere In the World

Best Tools for Running Your Startup Anywhere In the World

It is 21st century, and business has moved from real to digital world: There are hundreds of companies out there making millions of dollars simply by creating software and providing value to the information. Each and every one of these companies is worth millions of dollars; each one of them is housed in flashy headquarters; each one of them has an army of capable experts fueled by state of the art espresso machines; and each and every one of them started from an idea  – an idea around which startup was built.

Your startup is on that track as well: you have an excellent idea, you‘ve found perfect people to work with, and morale is high all around. However, something seems to be amiss: instead of focusing on improving your product, you are spending more and more time handling bureaucratic and organizational issues – and that is a big no-no.

Startup tools you can use to run your business

In this post we are presenting you with some of the best tools that can help you run your startup, no matter where you are in the world. From project management to customer support – we have it all.

Week Plan

Inspired by the book 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Week Plan is a task manager that organizes your goals and tasks according to roles and responsibilities, as well as importance and urgency. Even though it is meant to be nothing more than the personal time organizer, it will help you keep your personal and professional life on track. While very light and user-friendly, Week Plan will give you much more than you expect when it comes to day-to-day task tracking and overall time management.

Active Collab

And while Week Plan provides you with simplistic interface that can help you better organize your day, powerful yet simple project management tool for startups called Active Collab will help you organize entire projects. Easy to use, it has an abundance of features like task management, team and client collaboration, time and cost tracking, invoicing and much, much more. Create tasks, a set due dates, attach files, add reminders and leave comments. If you choose Active Collab for your task and project management, you can be confident that all work will be done properly and on time.


Startups are heavily reliant on collaboration and cooperation between all employees within the company. Human resources are scarce, and everyone’s input is more than welcome, which is exactly why having a proper collaboration tool is paramount. Slack is one of the most popular applications for team communication used by startups, scale ups as well as large enterprises. No matter if you are using a laptop, smartphone or a tablet, team members can discuss tasks and problems in chat rooms or via instant messages. Slack integrates with some third-party services such as Google Drive, Dropbox or Runscope. Also all content is searchable so finding conversation, files and even people becomes simple and easy.

Google analytics

Google Analytics is one of the most popular web analytics services across the globe – According to some estimates, this tool was being used by 30 million websites in 2015, and by a large number of companies worldwide. It has many benefits: you will be able to track multiple sites, it allows you to monitors social networking activity, measure video performance and track mobile phone – completely free. Simply put, it lets you measure sales and conversions, giving you at the same time insight into how visitors use your site, how they arrived on your site, and how can you keep them coming back. Google Analytics utilizes a number of funnel visualization techniques and as well as dashboard reporting so data can always be accessible.


Social network presence is essential for every startup, and having a tool that can help you start and carry out campaigns across different platforms can put you ahead in the forever ongoing rat race.  This is where Hootsuite comes in. It’s a software solution that provides a single, cloud-based dashboard that allows companies to make an impact on Facebook, Twitter,  or similar social network platforms. By utilizing it, you can track mentions of your brand or your product, you can schedule status updates and analyze data thoroughly.

Quickbooks Pro

Handling a startup means managing every aspect of business, but sometimes help is needed in certain areas – areas such as accounting. QuickBooks Pro is a comprehensive accounting solution meant for small and midsize business. This app has all functionalities of a core accounting software: project accounting, account payable & receivable, expense management and payroll management. Also, with ‘Bank Account Reconciliation’ feature, you can make automated payments and deposits from your bank account and manage the employee payrolls. All the transactions get categorized automatically so monthly expenses and earnings can easily be recorded.


Sometimes, you will be so overwhelmed with incoming email, that you will most likely start thinking about hiring an assistant. Even though it sounds like a dream, “Inbox Zero” is reachable, and there are a lot of apps out there that can help you achieve that goal. One of the most commonly used is Boomerang. Boomerang will allow you to schedule messages to be sent or returned at a later date. Also, it will help you to postpone incoming emails, by moving them from your inbox into a folder or label, and then rocketing them back to the top of the list at the specified time. Boomerang will alert you if you don’t reply to a certain message and can help you keep your inbox clean without losing track of important messages.


Time will come for your product to be used by hundreds or even thousands of customers across the world. And some of them, some of the time will have a question about your product or will require technical support for one reason or the other. No matter if they reach out via email, social networks or phone, you have to be prepared to answer every question, listen to every suggestion. No worries, Zendesk has your back. Thanks to Zendesk, support tickets will be made from data out of all sources (chat, SMS, CRM, forms) so you can provide your users with the support they need. It will help you cut down on repetitive questions from your customers, by providing them with documentation that may answer questions they have about the product. If the answer is not found, only then will they be allowed to connect to your support.

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