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8 Effective tips to bring traffic to your website


Traffic is very important for your website/blog, because if no one visits your website it does not make meaning why you created that website. When you post and people don’t read your article, means your articles are useless, your knowledge is a waste and also you are not impacting anyone about your knowledge and it will be boring. So I will be discussing how to bring or increase your views.

So you want to increase views on your blog read this below

Hello friends you want traffic and views in your website, I am going to list and discuss eight (8) ways to achieve that. Getting a lot of views to your website is not an easy task. it is very tough to get views but it is your hard work to bring traffic to your website.

Questions from people

Many people ask me how I get traffic and viewers to subscribe for my newsletters. But I reply them good content that are helpful and educating. Thankfully they are many ways to achieve that.

Note this advice

Before I will be discussing my top 8 tips to increase your views on your site I will give you a advice

Never buy views or traffic, avoid service that offers people opportunity to gain views by spending money.

Such companies take your money and use bot to increase traffic fraudulently to your website. You will get no free newsletters subscribers or comment from them and the traffic you do get come a great cost to your website and it is risky.

Biggest search engines like Google don’t like you violating their policy and other search engines. So never use bot or any company offering views for cash it is very risky. If you want to pay anything use Facebook ads promoting post or Google ad words for your post. here below are how to bring traffic to your blog

SEO your content/page

Some of my post I discuss how to use SEO yoast plugin in your wordpress site. Ensure your title, keywords tags are search engine optimize. this is helpful to gain traffic so that when someone types a keyword related to your content it comes out on the search engine pages. For example, If you are writing about to gain traffic ensure that the key words people will use to find such content are related to website traffic. and also make your description correctly.

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Use attracting post title and post thumbnail

Having an interesting and attracting title make people want to know what you are talking about. Having an attracting thumbnail show case what your post is also talking about is the best way of encouraging people to click on your post when you share it out on social media networks.

Use Facebook to share your post

Hate Facebook or love Facebook or don’t use Facebook, it is the largest world social media network where billions of people visit chat and discuss issues. Your site should have a connection of sharing your post to Facebook to encourage further discussions on your post and engage with your viewers.

Using Facebook is by reaching your fan who don’t visit your website or who don’t know if your website exist. You can pay Facebook to promote your website, post, pages using Facebook promoting ads all over the world it drives more traffic to your website.

Use twitter

it is the best way of keeping up all your conversation related to your post of concern. The tweet you use to publicize your website post contains relevant ash tag.

Include social share buttons in your site and post

By this, people share your content or website if it is helpful  to their friends and other this can bring more traffic to your website.

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Give people reason to visit your website and subscribe for your posts

if you are writing about how to repair a mobile phone or a tablet, give people reasons to visit your site and subscribe for your free newsletters so that they will know when your next articles has been uploaded. doing this they can learn anything new consigning the mobile tablet.

Be consistent

people want updated post regularly they don’t like when they see old post that they have gone through. your site must not just stay static ensure you make a post schedule, which you will stick to tell your visitors when you will be posting out your new article, if you don’t you will lose visitors and it is important to maintain your visitors.

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Install or create email newsletters

use your website to send updated post to your subscribers on your blog. This way you communicate to your visitors. When a visitor sign up for your newsletter they will submit their emails address which allows you to message them directly.

Make sure you send them good and unique content nobody likes spam explain to your subscribers the advantage and value this newsletters will offer them.

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If this was helpful share it to others. Ask me questions if you don’t understand by commenting below or contact me and subscribe for my latest post by dropping your mail to get you updated.

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    • i know they are many ways which i did not include but dont believe what you said, are you telling us that you did not share your site to socail media or seo your content, because all pro bloggers pass through this stage

  3. I have done all this steps on my blog http://www.johntechservice.com.ng still nothing has changed. am on blogger platform though

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