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4 Tips to get your dream job in Nigeria 2017


Ask for the dream job you want, ask for the responsibility you want. If you are in a job you don’t like and you want to change it or are you looking for a large career in something new then you have to know how to properly prepare for a job interview.

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Has it happens, I have gone to so many school seminars about this subject and I want to share with you the same tips with you exactly what you can do and nail job interview every time. First of all think about yourself and think what it is you can really do well, make a short list of those things so that you can mention them well in the interview.

Now you have figure out what you are good at, now let’s talk about this four tips to help you get your dream job 2017.

Dont be late

A successful job interview start from the minute you walk in door. So make sure you don’t come late. It is actually a rule of business to never higher someone who arrives late for a job interview. That is a standard of all business. Be always punctual may be even 10 minute earlier to set the tone of the interview in the right direction from the very start.

When you arrive early, everybody notice that you are early and they talk about it and your credibility goes up before you open your mouth to say anything.

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Dress properly

Now you are in the waiting room on time, let’s talk about what you decided to wear. As we all know, first impressions are very important. You need to make sure you dress properly for the position you are applying for. It is always better to be over dressed, up dressed and present under dressed.

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Don’t put wears that has wrinkles and stains on it that you wore a day before and wear it the day of interview . Wear something that demonstrates your professionalism and hirsute confidence. It is actually astonishing how many people dress for an interview and they wonder why the interview loses interest.

Months back I have words with the personal management of New age. This is a company that does with mobile accessories in Nigeria. All they do is hire people all day long for marketing their product and they pay well and I ask them how long does it take them to decide to hire large number of people or not.

“Do you know the reply they gave to me they said privately 30 seconds can you imagine and I ask them what about the other process of interviewing they said it’s not necessary the reason they are doing it is just to protect themselves legally. But we make our decision as soon they see the candidate under 30 seconds.”

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Do your home work

If you have a prospective company that you are looking at or that is looking at you, do your home work. Do all the research you possibly can. These days every company and employer have a website.

Go to the website and read everything that they have on that website. The website will tell you about their product and services and their background and history. When you go to this prospective company for the first time, you should already know about everything of the company.

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Note this rule never ask a question if the information is already available somewhere else.

So doing your home work about the company and talk to them about what to do is an excellent way to impress the boss.

Going into an interview and equip with information will allow you feel confident and evidence to your interviewer or anyone you meet at the company.

Present ideas for the future

Doing your research toward to your interview, you may come across some ideas that this company or business needs to implement to improve sales or services. One of the powerful statements you can say in an interview is

I believe I have ideas for this company or business to improve and I will like to help to improve this business.

Let say you are the boss and the person you are interviewing say this to you how will you feel. You will free great to employ this kind of person.

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People love to hear that you have ideas for the future of the company and for yourself . And again don’t forget to ask questions where is this company head to and what are their goals also what are my chances and possibilities here if I agree to work hard.

By asking these questions and making these statement you take control of the interview and you demonstrate your interest in the position. It shows you are a forward thinker and you have your future and the future of the company fore front of your mind.


Always be punctual and dress properly, be prepared even over prepared and take control over the interview by asking questions and listening carefully to the answers. I will like you to share these to our fellow Nigerians, your friends, brothers, cousins, people who are trying so hard to get their dream job in Nigeria that they should read this and 100% sure they will get their dream job 2017.

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Always have this in mind if you want to land on your dream job. Always be punctual, well presented, be prepared and in control

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