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5 Blogging communities to promote your blog post


Hello bloggers how do you promote your blog? Blogging communities made the list. I know they are many bloggers out there looking for different ways to promote and bring traffic to his or her blog. well this article is written because of you.

After launching my blog on April 13 2016 and posted on my blog, I was looking for a ways for people to know this blog exist. Do you know I made research where to promote my blog? I found some blogging communities that are very cool and helpful place to promote your blog.

NOTE: you can also use social media and also use guest posting as weapon to be known

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Joining these blogging communities you will gain traffic and you get to know lovely pro bloggers that can help you with your blog.

This blogging community is a place where you go and interact with your fellow bloggers to learn and share ideas, also share each other post. Are you ready to promote your blog, join these communities listed below immediately after going through this article

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Google+ Communities

On Google+, users have the ability to manipulate their circles to control the groups of people and brands they receive information and content from, but there’s no guarantee those brands or users will circle you to receive your updates. This is where Google+ Communities come in, Google’s version of a group or forum, built to bring people together around particular topics.


I got to know about this blog community through my friend, my content was shared on this community and I receive wonderful results on my blog traffic, you might be missing something big if you over look this community. Join this community List.ly now!

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Inbound is a wonderful community and they are lot of active users there. What you need on inbound is a good number of votes to make it to the first page of inbound and when you get at the first page you will see great result that will make you smile; you have to join discussions, vote for others and build good relationship. It’s quite an easy place; you’ll start promoting your post as soon as you register. Join inbound now!

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Is an up and coming blogging community created by Twitter co-founder, Evan Williams, and Biz Stone. If you are looking for an additional way to connect your writing to other writers, like-minded industry professionals, and readers, Medium is a great blogging community. join Medium

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Blog Engage is premium blogging community you need to pay to register but you’re really going to get the best out of it because it’s worth it. Just like the name says, it’s a platform where bloggers engage with each other.

If you really want to build relationships with other bloggers then you must take a look at this community. This community is awesome I get huge traffic from this community. There are lots of features in this platform you will like. Join blogengage immediately.

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  2. G+ is still the wild, wild, west of the social networks, but bloggers can tone down the noise and turn up the meaningful relationships quickly by joining or creating communities that focus on their niche and blog areas of interest.

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