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4 best blogging forums to promote your blog


These Best blogging forums to promote your blog that will be discussed below are blogging forums to engage yourself with. Blogging is fun even if it is not easy; many of us are looking for ways to promote his or her blog to get popular. If you want to be successful in blogging you should be active on these two platforms which are forums and social media.

Forums will promote you and your blog by engaging with pro bloggers and chat with them. On social media to become popular is to create engagement with readers and share post constantly. If you are active on forums you have more advantage than those who are not active on them, the reasons is because you have advantage of building quality backlink traffic and learn from pro bloggers.

In this article I composed a list of wonderful best blogging forums to promote your blog for bloggers who want to fly higher and also become popular and learn things about blogging and other niche easily.

Let’s get started.

Shoutmeloud Forum

This forum was founded by my mentor an amazing blogger who has helped me and millions on blogging. Without is teaching I won’t go this far in blogging .He is the owner of shoutmeloud award winning blog in India. You can learn from harsh Agrawal he is so talented on blogging. His shoutmeloud forum has over 6.1k members with 800 active users and has been helping members in the forum.

Digital point

in case you need lots of free site visitors on your blog, you then ought to be a part of and take energetic component in digital point. Very high traffic discussion board with massive network base. Dozens of sub-forums on almost every subject matter a blogger.

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Nairaland Forum

This forum is an online community in Nigeria developed by Seun Osewa in March 2005. Nairaland has over 1million users and it is the most visited forum in Nigeria and also the home of bloggers in Nigeria and some other countries. This forum is a community of different niche e.g.  Business, Webmasters, News, Entertainment, Gossip, Music, Food, Health and so many. This forum gives backlink and gives traffic just like other forums discussed above and below. I remember my first 500 visitors came from Nairaland when I launched loudtips.

Bloggingehow Forum

This forum was founded by an amazing blogger in Pakistan who has been helping millions with his ideas. He owns a blog called bloggingehow where he gives tips on blogging and search engine optimization and lot more. This forum runs on the most popular forums technologies called discourse. In this forum members love helping each other just like shoutmeloud forum.

We Love Comment. ask any questions about these blogging forums

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  1. Nice Brother Many love for you

  2. Samuel I have been using different forums for long time ago.

    It has been 2 days that I have joined these 4 blogging forums, and there’s no word to describe them.

    They are great, simple as that.

    Keep up the good work.


  3. Wow its a Great Work sir Your valuable ideas will help newbies to grew up into professionals.
    luv u bro 🙂

  4. Thank you for this important list. I will be checking thses out.

  5. Awesome post, I’m going to start using this forums, though have been using nairaland for some time now.

    This is definitely going to help improve my serp.

  6. Thanks for this list – I have been searching google for some good forums but the results all seem pretty out of date!


  7. Blog articles from a Technology and Education enthusiast. New articles added on daily basis.

    Good work, Samuel! Truly appreciated!

  8. Given that I am appealing to the online marketing community, I believe 3 of the 4 sites work great for me. An interesting point is that when doing searches outside of work time I find references to ShoutMeLoud all the time.

    QUESTION: If you could only work with 1 of the 4 sites mentioned above, which one would it be and why?

    • All forums are ok but i prefer nairaland because ofthe population and engagemnt and also for seo u can get quality backlink to improve ur rankings

  9. Thanks for this. Will hook up with the site.

  10. i still dont understand how nairaland will help promote my blog..

  11. awesome post thansk for sharing such an amazing post

  12. Thanks for the list. Your idea is great and helpful

  13. It’s a good read. Thanks for letting me know as a blogger that forums is also a key in promoting my blog to people and also to engage with them. 🙂

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