how to develop a popular blog

How to develop a popular blog

How to develop a popular blog is the topic I will be discussing in this article for bloggers. What is it that makes people go to your blog over and over again? Is it your content or your personality or blog engagement, what is it that will get people to return to your site every single time these are tips to help your blog to be popular.


1. VALUE:To get people to your site is to give them value through education. Because many people go online and visit other blog looking for answers uploaded on the net. That is one of the best way to get a popular blog. Is either resource, giving information be of value. If you visit other blog and learn something to get education and training the best way to make your site popular is to share what you learn to your readers.

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2. CREATE ENGAGEMENT IN YOUR BLOG: Creating engagement with your readers by asking them what they want to know, is one of the strongest idea about blogging for example I am a blogger I write about blogging tips, my readers ask me questions like, “blogging tips that are helpful to their blog by commenting on my site” so I give them answers about what they are asking for. with this example you can make your blog popular.

3. SOCIAL MEDIA ENGAGEMENT: Engagement on social media is very important; engage yourself on social media like Facebook, twitter, Google+ and the rest to share your content of value for people to discuss about. with this you are advertising your blog to people on social media platform.

Millions of people visit this social platform like Facebook which is the largest social media platform where uncountable people visit.

You can create a Facebook page and group using the name of your site and share and invite people to your page and group telling them what your blog is all about and how valuable it is, with this you create interaction with people and you are making your site popular.

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4. CONSISTENT ON CONTENT: This consistent on content is necessary, every blogger talks about this always. When you post good content always, you make your blog popular on social media and search engines.

When you don’t post consistently readers who have visited your blog is not seeing anything new in your site whereas your old content is just static and no new content on your blog they will live your blog and you get no new comment or questions to you by this you won’t get popular because consistency on unique content is sign of your blog becoming popular.

5. FORUMS: You gain two things on popular forums, which are traffic and popularity. contribute ideas about your article in forums, join discussion, interact with people who have idea and learn from them and they also learn from you.

sometimes people ask question on forums more than blog site, so share your content there and put a link about that content below so that when people read your content in that forum and it answers that question, people will visit your blog to appreciate what you have done for him or her by commenting on your blog. by this your are making your blog popular.

6. VIDEO TUTORIALS: This can make your blog popular with the use of  your YouTube videos. always display your site address on your video.

when people watch your video and after the whole lecture add your site link below the description so that viewers will visit your site for more  articles to accumulate.

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Blogging tips for newbie bloggers

Blogging has done so much for people in the world today. It has also change bloggers mindset of the way they reason things. Blogging has grown big in the world, everyday people go into blogging either to make money with it or they have passion for it.

few newbie bloggers don’t know where to start from to be successful like other pro bloggers. I have given these tips how to be successful in blogging, take your time and go through this article.

In this article these are just tips for newbie bloggers. It can also be little bit more helpful to pro bloggers. Pro bloggers learn every day. These are the tips below.


All this tips listed will help you to be successful in blogging. so make research from other blogs because this topic is very large. I am applying this tips listed also for my success. Let’s get started below.



passion means any great powerful emotion especially love and determination. Newbie bloggers you must love what you are doing. Don’t be like some bloggers who are just blogging for blogging sake without putting passion in it. Also don’t copy others just be yourself and be creative have passion for your creativity, have this determination that you are heading  somewhere great.

Always have passion of writing down valuable articles in your blog don’t hate it when you get little views, keep on writing down what you are passionate about and be determine to be great. Don’t get discourage that your passion is not bringing fruit. Have this passionate feeling of putting good content that will affect others all time. In due time you will see the result.

2. DISCIPLINE: This is all about controlled behavior, self control. As a new blogger, discipline is very important to you to become a pro blogger am not saying you should punish yourself , discipline is not anything about punishment what am saying is discipline yourself about the days you should be posting and sharing your content.

If you can post once a week, discipline yourself to follow that scheme, if it is twice or three times stick to it regularly don’t just post anytime you feel like posting or sharing your content. Don’t follow this behavior it won’t help you and also don’t forget to discipline yourself before you post read your content over and over again not to make wrong spelling or make mistakes so please take note.

3. TRAFFIC TIPS: This is every blogger dreams to get large amount of people visiting his or her blog. when you see large amount of traffic to your blog it encourage you more to put more content. Those of you who need traffic make sure you work hard to get viewers to your blog.

You can get traffic through search engines with the use of SEO (site engine optimization) and also from social media, guest posting and do follow backlink this will bring great traffic to you I won’t talk about SEO and social media because I know by now you would have ideas about it before you started blogging especially social media but will talk little about guest posting and back links.

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Guest posting is all about writing valuable article to top blogs which have huge amount of traffic e.g . When you write for them they tell their visitors who wrote this and you get more visitor’s visiting your blog. Backlink is a link from other directories, blog, forums link back to your site. 


You can only pay Facebook or Google this are recommended company you can depend on

4. THEME LAYOUT: Use a nice layout for your blog and a clear navigation, don’t bombastic with too much widget and much plugins just to make it look fancy don’t do that instead make your site look professional and simple.

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5. WORK HARD: I always say this to be successful is about hard work there is no shot corner for it. It is also needed on your blog if you want to be a pro blogger. Many pro blogger you hear about now, resulted to their hard work when they started blogging, encourage yourself to work hard.

6. DESIRE TO KNOW MORE: Having knowledge is a good thing. Desire to read and know more about your niche or any other thing valuable. why doing this, you increase your knowledge.

Visit other blogs ask question, research about topics, discipline yourself to know things, join forums and I bet you your knowledge will increase because since I joined shoutmeloud forum I have acquire knowledge about blogging that’s why am discussing it for you to acquire too.

best blogging forums to promote your blog

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How to be successful in blogging easy tips

To be successful blogging is not a day job you have to work hard so well to achieve your goals. It may take years or months depend on your application to your blog. But I know some successful bloggers who have achieve their goals, it took them three years or less than 3 years ,which they are enjoying what they have planted when starting their blog.

It may take time but be patient and have this positive thinking that you will rip what you are sowing, wipe of negative thought which some of you are thinking of. e.g. maybe you have a blog and you post your content and you share it out and you do all kinds of SEO stuff and your site stat is not increasing, the next thought in mind is giving up but don’t think like that “Rome was not established in a day ” don’t worry these are easy tips to help you.



Always blog about what you are passionate about e.g if it is fashion, entertainment, blogging, health or anything . But don’t copy what other people are doing in their blog instead put what you have.

I see some bloggers who don’t have passion they are just blogging for blogging sake because they want to make money. If you don’t have passion about what you know, the money you are after wont come closer. but if there is passion about what you are doing the money will come.

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When you see a nice blog and you like the template or anything about that blog and you feel like doing the same thing I am sorry you won’t be successful, don’t copy people’s creativity just create your own. don’t forget blogging is all about creativity.

3. DON’T BLOG FOR MONEY: I know some newbie or old blogger have the intention for making money why blogging, it is good to make money why blogging but don’t make it too obvious instead of blogging about your knowledge to help others in need, your target is just all about the money.

You don’t care if people visiting your blog understand what you are writing about. Don’t do that, blog for the passion and help others also, money will be added to you if your content is valuable.

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Writing your article should be easy for readers to accumulate, don’t bombastic it with too much big words. Your words should be simple for illiterate and literate who want to learn about what you are writing about… for example writers putting those articles on newspaper if you notice their words are simple to understand for everybody even to the illiterate to understand. I urge you to write like them and success is coming to you..

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Learn good communication skills. some bloggers don’t know how to respond to their visitors and when you don’t know how to respond to them, they will not visit your blog anymore.

Treat them like your customers the way business people do. Visitors comment about something asking for your help to solve their problem, you have to comment immediately so that they won’t live your blog and go to other blogs. also know blogging is also about business, maintain and communicate cool to your visitors.


Am  talking about consistent on your blog post and consistent of believing in yourself and having strong faith. Always have this convicted feeling consistently that you will be successful. The bible tells us in the book of proverb 23:7 “what so ever a man thinks in his heart so he is” this is a word of encouragement.


I will always say this nobody is perfect. I am still learning and making research to improve my knowledge to help people by reading other pro blogs.

Some bloggers find it hard to read other people content which is bad and a sign of failure. If you read other blogs I assure you that your knowledge will develop more on what to discuss about on your blog.


Hard working is necessary for blogging. If you don’t work hard you are not going nowhere “no food for a lazy man” this is life too. don’t be lazy always strive hard in whatever you are doing. Successful bloggers we know today result to their hard work, so encourage yourself to work hard.

Hope you understand these easy tips? If you have any question comment below or contact me don’t forget to subscribe for free news letter.


7 Important Things to Do Before Applying For Adsense

Welcome to loudtips here in this article I will be discussing this controversial topic about Adsense approval, some bloggers ask me why they don’t get approve by google adsense team.

I know some bloggers have tried their best applying for Adsense but rejected for some reasons and they feel bad and get D-motivated to continue which they quit blogging. But do you know you can also make money from affiliate programs  and RevenueHits if you get rejected but will not discuss it in this article but will drop a link for you to learn that. I will be discussing these key points pro trick to get Adsense account approve.

Important Things to Do Before Applying For Adsense

These are the things to do before applying for Adsense

1. USE A STANDARD PLATFORM: it can be BlogSpot, wordpress and when you are using this wordpress or BlogSpot platform they are perfect for blog. Make sure you use a quality navigation design for your site, one of the mistakes some bloggers do is this “THEY WANT TO MAKE THEIR BLOG LOOK VERY FANCY” you don’t have to do that but make sure your blog looks professional like loudtips to show your seriousness. They are many professional looking template out there, you just need to search them some are free and some are buy able.


Also, don’t make your sidebars look spamming, do not put much widget keep it minimal e.g. recent post, subscription box, social like box.

2. USING A SELF HOSTED CUSTOM DOMAIN: If you are using a BlogSpot or wordpress platform, make sure you have a self hosted custom domain. It serves much advantage of you getting approved which Adsense like when they see you using a custom domain e.g.,

3. QUALITY OF YOUR CONTENT: One of the major mistake bloggers who want Adsense approval do is this “they write little content of 100 to 200 words and most of the content are not original” make sure your content are valuable up to 500 to 600 words. Don’t copy content from other blog make sure they are original. It is a chance of getting approved.

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4. ORIGINAL IMAGES IN YOUR CONTENT: if you are not using original image in your content you will not get approve. Don’t just copy image from Google search engine and paste the image in your content if you do this it is not a chance of getting approve

5. REASON FOR 6 MONTH OLD DOMAIN: I know this topic is controversial, Adsense group says your domain must be six month old. The reason they ask you to wait for six month is these “THEY WANT YOUR BLOG TO BE A QUALITY BLOG AND RECEIVE TRAFFIC” if you can achieve that before six month you can request for Adsense and it’s a chance of getting approved. I have seen two month old domain approved by Adsense e.g.,

6. TRAFFIC: You need traffic for your blog which adsense group really wants you to. If they see your blog with low traffic it a sign of not getting approved. Make sure you have a lot of visitors coming to your website.


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7. HAVE THIS FIVE PAGES: This pages must be included in your website to get your request approved.


NOTE: Have a Gmail account which you will use to apply because adsense is owned by Google

Apply these tips above and you will get the chance of your request approved by Adsense. If they reject you, read the message to see the reasons why you where rejected and take amendment or you can go for this best Adsense alternative RevenueHits

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How to write a good post in your blog

Hello welcome to another journey I hope all my post is making impact in your life, join me and achieve those goals. I will be discussing in this article HOW TO WRITE A GOOD POST IN YOUR BLOG. “Apply these tips below and you get people to visit your website”.

1. BE HAPPY WHEN EVER YOU ARE WRITING A POST: always have these happy feelings when writing a post. When you have the feeling you flow with good thought which you write down quality and valuable content.But when sad you don’t flow well on your content

happy book

2. WRITE LIKE YOUR VISITORS: It does not matter what you are writing about, don’t talk down to your visitors or use technical words in your content which most of them don’t understand. Because your visitors do not have time to look for a word in a dictionary written down in your content. Talk like your visitors, make your content simple and friendly do not use big words, if not they will not read your blog content

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3. WRITING A GREAT HEADLINE: this idea of writing a great headline is something you NEED to do all time in your post. That’s why I talk about it in most of my content. Because a good headline will increase your post views. Try using an attracting headline to get users to read your content for example A QUICK GUIDE ABOUT SOMETHING OR HOW TO MAKE MONEY ONLINE. This headlines is great and attracting because it will get people interest to read that content.

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4. IDENTIFY AND GIVE SOLUTIONS TO PROBLEMS: If you are blogging for blogging sake you are doing yourself no good. Make sure you post worthwhile which you have to search and identify visitors pains point on the other hand find relevant information and write about it. Doing this you are providing utility to your blog post for big success.

solution problem

5. MAKE YOUR BLOG POST IMPACT ABLE: Make sure your visitors scan your blog post for the highlight. What I meant is writing a specific point “HIT THE NAIL AT THE POINT AND HEADERS TO BREAK UP TEXT”. People don’t have time to read long article make sure your points is clearly for them to impact from your knowledge.

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6. PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT: I remember when I started blogging i got no idea for much content. with the help of making research, i continue to write articles which made me grow better to write good content . Practice will improve our blog post as you continue to write a post you will gain this three tips

  • Discover problems and solve them
  • Write a post faster
  • Make you a confident blogger

7. READ YOUR POST BEFORE UPLOADING: This case happens in some blogs were the publisher of that content did not go through his or her article whether there is a mistake of miss spelling of words in your articles and when your readers see this they feel it’s not a article of value especially the educated ones they won’t read your article.

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8 Effective tips to bring traffic to your website


Traffic is very important for your website/blog, because if no one visits your website it does not make meaning why you created that website. When you post and people don’t read your article, means your articles are useless, your knowledge is a waste and also you are not impacting anyone about your knowledge and it will be boring. So I will be discussing how to bring or increase your views.

So you want to increase views on your blog read this below

Hello friends you want traffic and views in your website, I am going to list and discuss eight (8) ways to achieve that. Getting a lot of views to your website is not an easy task. it is very tough to get views but it is your hard work to bring traffic to your website.

Questions from people

Many people ask me how I get traffic and viewers to subscribe for my newsletters. But I reply them good content that are helpful and educating. Thankfully they are many ways to achieve that.

Note this advice

Before I will be discussing my top 8 tips to increase your views on your site I will give you a advice

Never buy views or traffic, avoid service that offers people opportunity to gain views by spending money.

Such companies take your money and use bot to increase traffic fraudulently to your website. You will get no free newsletters subscribers or comment from them and the traffic you do get come a great cost to your website and it is risky.

Biggest search engines like Google don’t like you violating their policy and other search engines. So never use bot or any company offering views for cash it is very risky. If you want to pay anything use Facebook ads promoting post or Google ad words for your post. here below are how to bring traffic to your blog

SEO your content/page

Some of my post I discuss how to use SEO yoast plugin in your wordpress site. Ensure your title, keywords tags are search engine optimize. this is helpful to gain traffic so that when someone types a keyword related to your content it comes out on the search engine pages. For example, If you are writing about to gain traffic ensure that the key words people will use to find such content are related to website traffic. and also make your description correctly.

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Use attracting post title and post thumbnail

Having an interesting and attracting title make people want to know what you are talking about. Having an attracting thumbnail show case what your post is also talking about is the best way of encouraging people to click on your post when you share it out on social media networks.

Use Facebook to share your post

Hate Facebook or love Facebook or don’t use Facebook, it is the largest world social media network where billions of people visit chat and discuss issues. Your site should have a connection of sharing your post to Facebook to encourage further discussions on your post and engage with your viewers.

Using Facebook is by reaching your fan who don’t visit your website or who don’t know if your website exist. You can pay Facebook to promote your website, post, pages using Facebook promoting ads all over the world it drives more traffic to your website.

Use twitter

it is the best way of keeping up all your conversation related to your post of concern. The tweet you use to publicize your website post contains relevant ash tag.

Include social share buttons in your site and post

By this, people share your content or website if it is helpful  to their friends and other this can bring more traffic to your website.

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Give people reason to visit your website and subscribe for your posts

if you are writing about how to repair a mobile phone or a tablet, give people reasons to visit your site and subscribe for your free newsletters so that they will know when your next articles has been uploaded. doing this they can learn anything new consigning the mobile tablet.

Be consistent

people want updated post regularly they don’t like when they see old post that they have gone through. your site must not just stay static ensure you make a post schedule, which you will stick to tell your visitors when you will be posting out your new article, if you don’t you will lose visitors and it is important to maintain your visitors.

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Install or create email newsletters

use your website to send updated post to your subscribers on your blog. This way you communicate to your visitors. When a visitor sign up for your newsletter they will submit their emails address which allows you to message them directly.

Make sure you send them good and unique content nobody likes spam explain to your subscribers the advantage and value this newsletters will offer them.

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How to Optimize your WordPress Blog Post to Rank on Search Engines

Following the advice in this article you might rank on search engines by the end of this article. Hello viewers this is  Sam Igwe the founder of  this blog, where I impact and teach bloggers to become super stars in the blog industry today.

In this articles no exception my readers, I will be discussing about how to do search engine optimization on your website content.

SEO has change a lot and it will continue to change. But they are some basic tips and principles in this article that will be valuable to you no matter at what stage you are reading this article. So here are the three things I will be discussing in this article

3 awesome tips to rank your page on search engines

  • You have to be developing great content all time, regularly. Your blog can never just be static.
  • You need to optimize that content using the wordpress SEO plugin called yoast, just download and install that right now after reading this article.
  • Create an XML SITEMAP using the SEO yoast plugin and send it to search engine so that they will crawl your site

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These three basic principles above will help you rank your post and page immediately using the SEO yoast plugin. Here is the image of my wordpress dashboard.

This image below were the arrow is pointing, it shows that I have installed the SEO yoast plugin. You can see it pointing at the SEO tag title.

seo example

And also got series of green, red, ash and orange dot. The green dot means it has been optimize, the red dot means poorly optimize, the orange dot means ready to optimize, the ash dot means not optimize. So you have to do some more work at the red, orange, ash dots to have the green dot which means it is optimize.

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In this image above I picked a post that has the ash dot that means not optimize because I want to show you how to optimize that post below.

Images below is the wordpress SEO yoast plugin below the content box. I will be focusing on the focus keyword which I typed wordpress seo plugin simplifies optimization and it will bring out some options for you to go to your content to correct what is needed.

seo eample 3

wordpress seo plugin simplifies optimization has been optimize

wordpress seo plugin simplifies optimization has been optimize

At the right top side of your dashboard where you click to publish you will see a green dot good check on your SEO. So friend you can also do the same thing to your pages that have those poorly dots.

Create an xml sitemap

An XML SITEMAP is a file that helps search engines like Google and bing to understand your website structure effectively and it makes more crawl able and searchable for the search engines. At the image below, this how XML SITEMAP looks like after installing the plugin.

yoast exmaple

Click on the SEO what you will be doing is generating a site map and send it to search engines which it crawls your site automatically. Copy the link when you click the XML SITEMAP and submit it to Google using Google console (webmaster tool).

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Viewers, I have broken down the three basic principles to rank your pages and post. Continue these process over and over again.

Lovely friends do you understand the 3 basic steps to rank your page faster and why you NEED to do them? If this was helpful share it to others. Ask me questions if you don’t understand by commenting below or contact me and subscribe for my latest post by dropping your mail to get you updated.





How to get viewers to read your blog post all time

7 great tips how to get viewers to read your blog post all time

Learn how to get people to read your blog is a difficult task to do. But it’s not because they don’t like your post.learn how to get viewers to read your blog post below

Keep your viewers happy

Make them feel they are in the right place to solve their pain point. If you do they will constantly visit your blog post whenever you update.

people happily viewing your post

Hit the nail at the point

Have a specific point of view, if your post are all over the place you will not be able to capture that audience that you really want to. So make sure you have a specific point of views to the visitors.

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Post all the time

when you have your point of view down, post them regularly. This Idea of posting consistently is to train your readers when or next your blog post is coming out. For example, may be you tell them you will be posting once a week or weekends. Make sure you are consistent on blog posting otherwise, your readers will not visit your blog anymore.

Don’t be boring in your blog post

write down cool and attracting headlines to make viewers have that feeling of visiting your blog all time and if you don’t, your viewers will forget about You.

am bored

Social media distribution

After writing down a attracting headline and value content, share it out to Facebook, twitter, Google and many other social media network. So that people out there will see your post And viewers will also share it if your article is valuable. Doing this also brings traffic to your website.

social share

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Make sure you offer value in your content

No visitors will read your content if you are not teaching them or entertaining them. So if you have a content that have value you will get more people to have reason to visit and read your blog post e.g. “how to get traffic to your website” . This audience goes to newbie blogger who wants traffic to their website, if they don’t see that value in your content for them to apply they won’t read your other post. Make sure you offer content that is valuable constantly.

Be patient

after applying all these tips do them continually and have patient it will become an online success which you will be proud of.

I WISH YOU THE BEST OF LUCK FOR YOUR WEBSITE. If this was helpful share it to others. Ask me questions if you don’t understand by commenting below or contact me and subscribe for my latest post by dropping your mail to get you updated.







You need money for establishment, health, to cater for yourself and families. I have see ways people make money online which I am a partaker listed below.

Hello guy they are so many ways, I mean thousands ways to make money online which I will discuss my top 5 ways people make money online.


They are people who are out there seeking to learn  something, it can be designing ,language, math’s, accounts and many more which you can teach and train people online and you get paid for teaching them.


I did not say about diary blog. what I want you to do is to create informative blog or website like this site. I lecture and advice people about my knowledge. Create a blog like cooking, fashion and so on. you will make good money from them and you can also make good money from your blog or website when you advertise ads like Google Adsense, affiliate marketing and companies’ advert of a particular product. All this desires hard work.

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YouTube is a blog platform where you upload informative videos, movies, tutorials and make money from Google adsense partner program. I love videos and I know people in this world love videos. you can earn money from it which you upload any original content of yours on YouTube either to entertain ,educate viewers.


This is for people that do not have a lot of money to start a business why don’t you learn something valuable and give out your service online through your website. They are millions out there looking for people to do something for them.

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I have a friend who is a website designer and a blogger. People contact him online for website design and he makes good money from it or you are a graphic designer you can have a website of your business and tell people online that you offer these services of graphic design and people will contact you and you make money from it. That’s a great way to get started

5. Create and sell your product:

If you have a great content that you want to sell, you can package it on DVD, books, compact disk (CD) which you market them online for people to buy from you or you create software and sell it online through your website and you make money from it.

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Don’t you see this make sense which you sell a product like mobile device or anything. Build a website for it and you make money online e.g. or these sites make money for selling electronics and they are one of the biggest online marketing website in Nigeria and Africa.

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If this was helpful share it to others. Ask me questions if you don’t understand by commenting below or contact me and subscribe for my latest post by dropping your mail to get you updated.